MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — That weekly Target run may not be necessary thanks to a new pilot program. Target is testing a new next-day delivery program. It’s called Target Restock.

It’s a jaunt you’ve likely made: the famous Target run. But soon Target may be rushing to you. Dulce Zuchini is a busy college student and avid online shopper.

She’s excited about Target’s next day delivery pilot program.

“Twenty-four hours is definitely not a huge wait, like on Amazon, we’ll wait two days,” she said,

Others, like Pernu Menheer, not so willing to wait.

“If I really need the product, I probably would just drive there and get it, so I’m not sure it’s really something that I would do,” Menheer said.

Marketing expert George John says it’s about strategy.

“It’s a defensive move, it’s not so much, ‘It’s a great, new idea and I’m going to grow using that,’ it’s trying to stall the negative growth,” John said.

Like so many retailers, Target’s sales are dipping. John says Target Restock is just one of several moves the company will make to try and recoup.

“I think the effects are going to be modest. The costs are really high, this is a labor intensive move, you gotta have people to pick the product, you have to have people to pack the product and you have to have people drive the product to somebody’s house,” John said.

He expects it to do well in urban areas, not so much suburbia where people have cars and space. Since it’s a pilot program, time will tell but at least one person’s sold.

“I would definitely be interested in that, yes!” Zuchini said.

This program will be tested this summer in our area — on Red Card holders. Professor John thinks that shows Target is using the program to keep loyal shoppers from ordering online at say Amazon or Walmart.

Target tells WCCO’s Susan-Elizabeth Littlfield they don’t have details on the program but say there will be a low flat cost for the service.

We’ll keep you posted. Click here for the info they’ve released for now.

[graphiq id=”3Ab1Q8wXbdH” title=”Target Corporation (TGT) Key Financial Metrics” width=”600″ height=”543″ url=”https://sw.graphiq.com/w/3Ab1Q8wXbdH” frozen=”true”]


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