FRIDLEY, Minn. (WCCO) — Police in Fridley say a teenager who was found dead overnight was murdered.

His body was found in the street in the 7600 block of Meadowmoor Drive, just after 1 o’clock Monday morning.  It’s not clear who found him but Monday afternoon, the Anoka County sheriff identified the victim.

Orange paint marks the spot where a teenager’s body was discovered in the street, in the middle of the night.

Police say 17-year-old Mohanned Abdul Hafiz Abukhdeir was shot to death.

Commander Paul Sommer from the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office held a news conference about the shooting.

“We are confident that this is not a random attack. That the public is not in danger from some random shooter in the neighborhood. We feel that this was probably targeted,” he said.

Just half a block from where Mohanned’s body was found is the house he lived in with his family.

A steady stream of relatives and friends made their way there after learning about his death.

Investigators believe the shooting happened at the location where Mohanned was found.

“We would be speculating at this point to say exactly, but all indications are that the incident occurred right where he was found,” Commander Sommer said.

Investigators released few details about the homicide, saying they are in the early stages of the investigation. But they do have a message.

“What we want the public to understand is we don’t believe this was a random act. We don’t think there’s some shooter traveling around taking random shots at people on the street. We think that this was a specific event targeted to this specific individual,” Commander Sommer said.

Police said they are pursuing several leads, but they don’t have any suspects at this time.

  1. One less street thug / drug dealer / terrorist on the welfare gravy-train.

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