Jearlyn Steele

Jearlyn Steele

Steele Talkin' runs Sunday nights from 7-11 p.m. with Jearlyn Steele!
  • Sunday, January 15th
  • 1/15/17 Steele Talkin’ with Jearlyn Steele.

    It’s the Mom and Michael hour with Michael Battle
  • 1/15/17 Steele Talkin’ with Jearlyn Steele.

    With an hour of local entertainment talk it’s Center Stage.
  • 1/15/17 Steele Talkin’ with Jearlyn Steele.

    First it’s your calls about supporting Trump. Later Sharon Smith Akinsanya of the United Negro College Fund talks about some of tomorrows MLK Day events.
  • 1/15/17 Steele Talkin’ with Jearlyn Steele.

    MNsure CEO Allison Toole joins the show and later Randy Girioux of Cargill talks GMO’s.
  • Sunday, January 8th
  • 1-8-17 Jearlyn Steele 10pm

    It's the Mom and Michael hour as Jearlyn Steele visits with her son Michael Battle.
  • 1-8-17 Center Stage

    Celebrate MLK Weekend 2017 with One Voice and their show, Out of the Shadows, an extraordinary concert honoring African-American artists and activists with choral pieces from Ysaye Barnwell, Sam Cooke, Josephine Poelinitz, Rosephanye Powell, Billy Strayhorn, and featuring the world premiere of our biggest commission ever – The Man Behind the Dream, by Cincinnati composer Steve Milloy. Next SATURDAY AND SUNDAY AT THE ORDWAY! JEARLYN gets a preview from Jane Ramseyer Miller, Artistic Director for ONE VOICE, What was the best of 2016…and what is on tap for 2017? with Rohan Preston- Theatre critic for the Mpls Star Tribune, The Sheldon Theatre is excited to present RADIATE!, “a wonderfully unique creation: a fusion of retro-funk, camp and theatricality” in Red Wing. Part concert, part revival, Radiate! features the triumphant homecoming of the mythical R&B expatriate diva, Jomama Jones. She returns with a singular purpose – to awaken the comeback in everyone – through songs of resilience and regeneration and surprising observations of the America to which she has returned. Featuring bandleader Bobby Halvorson, a knockout band, and the Sweet Peaches on backup vocals, Radiate! also welcomes special musical guests from the local community, Red Wing High School’s Ovation Choir and the Red Wing Singers. Jearlyn finds out more when she talks with DANIEL ALEXANDER JONES, who is DIRECTING THIS PIECE and Minneapolis FUNK legends, WESTSIDE, are scratching that itch that EARTH WIND and FIRE fans have with a great tribute show, “Jupiter: A Tribute to the Mightiest Elements of the Universe, Earth, Wind and Fire.” JUNIOR TREJOS, the BAND LEADER from WESTSIDE joins JEARLYN with more on the show, Saturday at THE PARKWAY.
  • 1-8-17 Jearlyn Steele 8pm

    The internet and having “ALEXA” makes finding information fairly quick, but nothing beats having THE WORLD ALMANAC at your disposal….Jearlyn looks back at some of the highlights from 2016 and ahead to this year, with Sarah Janssen, Senior Editor of The World Almanac® and Book of Facts 2017, then  Jearlyn discusses the rising cost of tuition for college students.... Many states offered grants this year, including Minnesota, that led to FREE TUITION for area community colleges. Are those programs working, and with a new administration entering this month, what types of changes will see to these programs, and education as a whole? JOE NATHAN runs the CENTER FOR SCHOOL CHANGE at the UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA. HE joins Jearlyn to discuss those issues, plus, JOE co - authored the petition from U O M Faculty, that called for the dismissal of HEAD FOOTBALL COACH TRACY CLAEYS.....and that did indeed happen this week.
  • 1-8-17 Jearlyn Steele 7pm

    Susie Jones talks with Jearlyn, then if you went to the gym this week, and a regular, you probably saw lots of new faces.  New Year's resolutions in full swing! How do you keep that resolution from ending up like many others.... by the wayside?   Jearlyn finds out when she talks with well known FITNESS and NUTRITIONAL expert, CHRIS FREYTAG. Jearlyn also talks to Macalester prof. Duchess Harris about her new book "Hidden Human Computers: The Black Women of NASA," ​and her grandmother who was one of the first class of 11 brilliant African American women who used slide rules and pencils to perform complex mathematical calculations to get Glenn and others into orbit. She and her African American colleagues supplied the intellect behind the launch, one of the greatest historical events of the last century. 
  • Sunday, January 1st
  • 1-1-17 Jearlyn Steele 10pm

    It's the Mom and Michael Hour, as Jearlyn Steele visits with her son, Michael Battle.
  • 1-1-17 Center Stage

    On this week's Center Stage, She is trying her hand at a solo career, and it starts with a date on Thursday at the KITTY CAT CLUB in Minneapolis. JENNIE LAWLESS joins Jearlyn, 2016 was quite the year for TURNER BARROWMAN and his comedy troupe, BOY KISSES.   Earlier in the week, CITY PAGES named them one of their ARTISTS OF THE YEAR.   What does 2017 have in store for Turner and BOY KISSES?   Jearlyn Finds out, Earlier this month, the WALKER announced that BON IVER would be the headliner for this years ROCK THE GARDEN. And most likely joining him on stage, will be Main Street School of Performing Arts (MSSPA) TEACHER, CHRIS THOMSON,, Chris who has been performing saxophone with Bon Iver on their new album, 22, A Million, and their 2016 tour. He just got back to town tonight, and Joins Jearlyn and Minnesota’s premier nonprofit choral arts performance and education organization, VocalEssence, is working with teen mothers in challenging situations from Longfellow Alternative High School for the second year of the group’s partnership with Lullaby Project, a national program of Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute. MELANIE DeMORE will be leading the project as composer-in-residence.
  • Sunday, December 18th, 2016
  • 12-18-16 - Steele Talkin' - Mom & Michael Hour

    Jearlyn & Michael get ready to celebrate the Christmas holiday. Plus, we hear more on President-Elect Trump and Michael's review of "La La Land".
  • 12-18-16 - Steele Talkin' - A Christmas Show Full of Laughs

    Looking for a Holiday show with some laughter attached? "A Don't Hug Me Christmas Carol" creator Phil Olson tells us why his show hits the spot.
  • Sunday, December 4th, 2016
  • 12-4-16 - Jearlyn Steele - Mom & Michael Hour

    Jearlyn and Michael get in the Christmas talking about how Macy's is closing their stores. Plus, Michael gives us his review of "Moana".
  • 12-4-16 - Jearlyn Steele - Center Stage

    This week: actress Caroline Innerbichler, critic Rohan Preston, and composer/musical director Brian Pekol.
  • 12-4-16 - Jearlyn Steele - 8 PM Hour

    Should women be required to register with the Selective Service? After that, J.D., Fred, and Billy Steele join sister Jearlyn to preview their upcoming Christmas show.
  • 12-4-16 - Jearlyn Steele - 7 PM Hour

    Where are we going with these election recount efforts? Then, Jearlyn chats with Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl about the Twin Cities restaurant scene.
  • Monday, November 28th, 2016
  • 11-27-16 JEARLYN STEELE's Holiday Special - MIck Sterling and Ben Utecht Part 1

    For information on all the acts featured tonight, head to!
  • 11-27-16 JEARLYN STEELE HOLIDAY SPECIAL - Mick Sterling and Ben Utecht Part 1

    Steele Talkin' runs Sunday nights from 7-11 p.m. with Jearlyn Steele!
  • 11-27-16 JEARLYN STEELE's HOLIDAY SPECIAL - Lorie Line Part 1

    For information on all the acts featured tonight, head to!
  • 11-27-16 JEARLYN STEELE's HOLIDAY SPECIAL- Lorie Line Part 2

    For information on all the acts featured tonight, head to!
  • 11-27-16 JEARLYN STEELE's HOLIDAY SPECIAL- Vicky Emerson and Sarah Morris

    For information on all the acts featured tonight, head to!
  • 11-27-16 JEARLYN STEEL's HOLIDAY SPECIAL- Nicholas David Part 1

    For information on all the acts featured tonight, head to!
  • 11-27-16 JEARLYN STEELE's HOLIDAY SPECIAL - Nicholas David Part 2

    For information on all the acts featured tonight, head to!

    For information on all the acts featured tonight, head to!
  • 11-27-16 JEARLYN STEELE's HOLIDAY SPECIAL- Holy Rocka Rollaz 1

    For information on all the acts featured tonight, head to!
  • 11-27-16 JEARLYN STEELE's HOLIDAY SPECIAL-Holy Rocka Rollaz 2

    For information on all the acts featured tonight, head to! 

    For information on all of tonight's guests, head to!  
  • 11-27-16 JEARLY STEELE's HOLIDAY SHOW with Jearlyn Steele

    Head to for more information on tonight's guests!
  • Sunday, November 27th, 2016
  • 11-27-16 Jearlyn Steele 10pm

    It's the "Mom and Michael Hour" as Jearlyn chats with her son, Michael Battle.
  • Sunday, November 20th, 2016
  • 11-20-16 Jearlyn Steele 10pm

    It's the "Mom and Michael Hour" as Michael Battle joins his mother, Jearlyn Steele!
  • 10-20-16 Center Stage

    CINDERELLA is once again poised to wow audiences this holiday season at THE CHILDREN’S THEATER. Jearlyn talks with one of the cast members, JERRY DRAKE, who has been part of the CTC for an amazing 45 years, Rohan Preston- Theatre critic for the Mpls Star Tribune, He visited with Jearlyn in May, and he’s back…the sweet sounds of MIKE DE’COLE can be heard at The Venue – on Friday night, November 25th @ 8:00pm and at The Pourhouse – on Wed the November 30th @ 8:00pm and Nobody rallies around a cause better than Minnesotans, and nobody does that better than the arts community. So when a, renown Guitar player in town faces a daunting future of Doctor bills, the arts community comes together to help. ROB ARTHUR joins Jearlyn to discuss a benefit taking place next SUNDAY at the PARKWAY THEATER, for injured star, Pat Mackin, and featuring ALL HOLIDAY MUSIC!
  • 11-20-16 Jearlyn Steele 8pm

    Best Selling Author, Public Speaker, Broadcaster, and Money Wiz, FARNOOSH TORABI., talks with Jearlyn. What should the rules be when young adults ask to borrow money from their parents?; SO WHAT DO YOU DO? Another edition….this time featuring an aspiring DJ, who has turned his love of music into coming up with an APP, that could be a life and money saver for your next get together. SPARKDJ is the name of the company, and JAMES JONES is the brains behind it…..and he joins Jealryn.
  • 11-20-16 Jearlyn Steele 7pm

    If you haven’t been to the MALL OF AMERICA in a while, and are planning to visit this holiday season, prepare to be amazed. JILL RENSLOW is the SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, BUSINESS DEVEOPMENT and MARKETING at the MALL….She joins Jearlyn to discuss what’ new at the Mall, from stores, to hours, to new UBER zones for customers and Jearlyn finds out about the fears of many Americans, including many immigrants, over the results of the election. What will a Trump administration mean for them? Jearlyn finds out, when she visits with SEBASTIAN RIVERA from LA ASAMBLEA of the TWIN CITIES, as well as MOHAMUD NOOR, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE Confederation of Somali Community in Minnesota.
  • Sunday, November 13th, 2016
  • 11-13-16 Jearlyn Steele 10pm

    It's the Mom and Michael Hour as Michael Battle chats with Jearlyn Steele!
  • 11-13-16 Center Stage

    On this week's Center Stage, WHAT IS HAPPENING AT THE CAPRI THEATER? CHANCES ARE! THE JOHNNY MATHIS DUETS WITH JULIUS COLLINS AND THOMASINA PETRUS, WHO JOINS JEARLYN IN STUDIO, Rohan Preston- Theatre critic for the Mpls Star Tribune, Joyce Lyons - EP Release - "Song for You" Tuesday, November 15th, at 7pm with Phil Aaron, Jay Epstein, Graydon Peterson Crooners Lounge & Supper Club 6161 Highway 65 NE Minneapolis and A new female focused theater group has formed, and they are introducing their first piece of work tomorrow night…Jearlyn visits with member, SUE SCOTT.

  • Sunday, November 6th, 2016
  • 11-6-16 Jearlyn Steele 10pm

    It's the Mom and Michael Hour, as Jearlyn chats with her son Michael Battle.
  • 11-6-16 Center Stage

    On this week's Center Stage, Jearlyn talks with Rohan Preston, Theatre critic for the Mpls Star Tribune and PAUL PETERSON of the famous Peterson family, along with his daughter, JEANNE TAYLOR, join Jearlyn in studio. JEANNE has a release party on Saturday night at 9pm at BUNKERS. Paul has an exciting benefit for the YMCA coming up too!
  • 11-6-16 Jearlyn Steele 8pm

    Jearlyn talks about the election, then KATIE LADAS, of the GREATER TWIN CITIES UNITED WAY talks with Jearlyn about their COMMUNITY KINDNESS PROJECT, the upcoming GIVE TO THE MAX day an much more.
  • 11-6-16 Jearlyn Steele 7pm

    ROB WALGATE, VICE PRESIDENT OF, joins Jearlyn and How have religious leaders approached the election this year? Jearlyn finds out from BISHOP ANN SVENNUNGSEN, The first FEMALE BISHOP in MINNESOTA, of the EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCHES OF AMERICA. Also, Pastor BRIAN HERRON, of ZION BAPTIST in MINNEAPOLIS.
  • Saturday, October 29th, 2016
  • 10-30-16 Center Stage

    On this week's CENTER STAGE, Jearlyn talks with Rohan Preston- Theatre critic for the Mpls Star Tribune, UBU FOR PRESIDENT opened Thursday and resumes Tuesday at the SOUTHERN THEATER….it’s part of the TWIN CITIES HORROR FESTIVAL. Jearlyn finds out more about the show from Jason Ballweber, Artistic Director for Four Humors Theater and Ryan Lear, company member for Four Humors and JOE WEINER plays Shylock in The Merchant of Venice, the latest offering at the Theater Garage in Minneapolis.
  • 10-30-16 Jearlyn Steele 8pm

    Jearlyn gets a look at the legal aspect of Friday's FBI bombshell about Hillary Clinton from TOM HEFFELFINGER, FORMER UNITED STATES ATTORNEY For Minnesota and finds out about Holiday spending and saving for gifts when she talks finances with NICOLE MIDDENDORF, author of the new book, THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION.
  • 10-30-16 Jearlyn Steele 7pm

    Jearlyn talks with Susie Jones about the week's news, with RON HUSTVEDT, who was recently named the 2016 Middle Level Outstanding Teacher of the Year by the National Council for the Social Studies. He also was honored locally as the 2015 Minnesota Middle School Teacher of the Year by the Minnesota Council for the Social Studies.  His class will be staging a mock election on election day and talks Politics with KEESHA GASKINS NATION-PROGRAM DIRECTOR FOR DEMOCRATIC PRACTICE at the ROCKERFELLER BROTHERS FUND in New York City.
  • Saturday, October 22nd, 2016
  • 10-23-16 Jearlyn Steele 10pm

    It's The Mom and Michael Hour, as Jearlyn spends the hour with her son, MICHAEL BATTLE.
  • 10-23-16 Center Stage

    On this week's CENTER STAGE, THE GOOD PERSON OF SETZUAN is the latest production from the FRNAK THEATER….DIRECTOR, WENDY KNOX, and Actress JANIS HARDY, who plays the 2nd GOD, join Jearlyn in studio to talk about the show, and their new space at the former Rainbow Foods site, Rohan Preston, Theatre critic for the Mpls Star Tribune has a Cabaret review, STUART D'ROZARIO has just released a new song that will have people start buzzing, because it's not only catchy, but comes at a time we are all talking about the election. He joins Jearlyn and A RAISIN IN THE SUN starts previewing this week at the PARK SQUARE THEATER. DIRECTOR WARREN BOWLES joins Jearlyn from rehearsals! 
  • 10-23-16 Jearlyn Steele 8pm

    Jearlyn talks with Erin Parrish, Associate State Director of Advocacy & Outreach for AARP Minnesota about Medicare and then visits with some of the top area bloggers (CARRIE ROCHA, RICH NEUMEISTER and ELIZABETH DEHN) to find out about their passions….blogging!
  • 10-23-16 Jearlyn Steele 7pm

    Jearlyn talks politics, debates, issues, tone, delivery and much more, with LARRY JACOBS, the WALTER F. MONDALE CHAIR FOR POLITICAL STUDIES at the UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs and Roshini Rajkumar.
  • Sunday, October 16th, 2016
  • 10-16-16 - Steele Talkin' - Mom & Michael Hour

    Michael is back, and he tells us about the Sia concert he attended. What are the latest thoughts on the Donald Trump allegations? And Michael reviews "The Accountant".
  • 10-16-16 - Steele Talkin' - Center Stage

    This week: Tyler Michaels & Jeff Vee from "Teen Idol: The Bobby Vee Story", theatre critic Rohan Preston, and Chris Thile, the new host of Prairie Home Companion.
  • 10-16-16 - Steele Talkin' - 8 PM

    Learn about some upcoming opportunities for people of color in the local area. Plus, it was a big week in the annals of Minnesota music.
  • 10-16-16 - Steele Talkin' - 7 PM

    Jearlyn gets her chance to discuss last Sunday's debate, and she gets Roshini Rajkumar's thoughts on it. Then, meet two business owners that have raised their employees' minimum wage.
  • Sunday, October 9th, 2016
  • 10-9-16 Jearlyn Steele 7pm

    Jearlyn talks with Carla Bailey and Elona Street Stewart about a unique event coming up Monday night, and Amanda Peterson, chair of Minnesota College Republicans, and Conrad Zbikowski, president of College Democrats, about the 2nd Presidential Debate.
  • Sunday, October 2nd, 2016
  • 10-2-16 Jearlyn Steele 10pm

    Jearlyn and her son, Michael Battle, in "The Mom and Michael Hour."
  • 10-2-16 Center Stage

    On this week's Center Stage, Jearlyn talks with local singer Mischa Suemning, Star Trib theater critic Rohan Preston, lead in "The Last Butterfly" at the Children's Theatre Company Ricardo Vasquez and anoth local singer, Ryan Traster.
  • 10-2-16 Jearlyn Steele 8pm

    Jearlyn talks with Ann Friedman "Shine Theory," women watching over women, then Kari and Perry Bach about their busines "Run-N-Fun."
  • 10-2-16 Jearlyn Steele 7pm

    Jearlyn talks with Dr Emeran Mayer, then Andy Aoki about the second Presidential Debate.
  • Saturday, September 10th, 2016
  • 9-11-16 Jearlyn Steele 10pm

    It's "The Mom and Michael Hour" with Jearlyn and her son Michael Battle.
  • 9-11-16 Center Stage

    On this week's Center Stage, Ananya Chatterjea talks about her new interpretive dance work "What Women Do," Start Tribune theater critic Rohan Preston reviews Twin Cities theater and Nancy Nord Bence and J.D. Steele discuss "The Concert Across America to End Gun Violence."
  • 9-11-16 Jearlyn Steele 8pm

    Jearlyn talks with wedding planner Kat Minks about weddings held on 9/11 each year, bookseller Aaron King about people buying paper books rather than the electronic version and Hennepin County Sr Asst Atty Steve Redding about using DNA to prove guilt in court.
  • 9-11-16 Jearlyn Steele 7pm

    Jearlyn talks about week's news with Susie Jones and forensic pathologist Dr Judy Melinek about her rememberance of work at Ground Zero.
  • Sunday, September 4th, 2016
  • 9-4-16 Jearlyn Steele 10pm

    It's "The Mom and Michael Hour" with Jearlyn and her son Michael Battle.

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