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  • Friday, January 20th
  • 01-20-17 - The John Hines Show - 10 AM

    Bob Cashill of makes his normal visit to the show to look at the weekend in films. 
  • 01-20-17 - The John Hines Show - 9 AM

    John and Dave discuss the differences in a man's and woman's Valentines Day wish list. Adjunct Professor at Quinnipiac Phillip Guidude previews the inauguration. 
  • Thursday, January 19th
  • 1-19-17 John Hines Show 11AM

    TV Guide's Matt Roush talks about the return of Will and Grace and the beaches remake. Tom Oszman, the man behind Twin Cities Media Now talks about how he comes by all the fantastic old clips on his website
  • 1-19-17 John Hines Show 10AM

    Johnathan Chait discusses his book "Audacity" about the legacy of President Obama and Craig Bane returns to talk about the Prince estate and how it will pay half the money in taxes due to not having an estate plan.
  • 1-19-17 John Hines Show 9AM

    John and Dave celebrate National Popcorn Day and Ken Rudin from chats about the confirmation hearings and inauguration madness
  • Wednesday, January 18th
  • 1-18-17 John Hines Show 11AM

    James Lileks is back to talk about politics, Minneapolis architecture and why people love the skyways. Bengt Wasburn is at Acme this week and talks about being a grandfather in the comedy world
  • 1-18-17 John Hines Show 10AM

    Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi chats about his book "Insane Clown President" and his time covering the 2016 election
  • 1-18-17 John Hines Show 9AM

    Dave and John chat and Dustin Volz from Reuters talks about Pres. Obama commuting Chelsea Manning's sentence for leaking Pentagon secrets
  • Tuesday, January 17th
  • 1-17-17 John Hines Show 11AM

    James Norton from Heavy Table updates us on the latest in the food scene and Brienna Schuette the State Fair Communications Manager tells us about her 11 years working at the Fair and what it is like wrangling all those acts
  • 1-17-17 John Hines Show - Midmorning Money

    Craig Bane from Bane O'Leary tells John about alternative investments and why they can be a good fit for most people's portfolio.
  • 1-17-17 John Hines Show 10AM

    Best-selling author MA Larson talks about his new book in the Kay Hamilton series "K Street." Craig Bane from Bane O'Leary alternative investments and why they can be a good fit for most people's portfolio.
  • 1-17-17 John Hines Show 9AM

    Dave and John swap stories in Extra Innings and then John talks to the listeners about what event they would pay the most amount of money to go see
  • Monday, January 16th
  • 1-16-17 John Hines Show 11AM

    Charles Duhigg, author of "Smarter, Better, Faster" returns to talk about how to become more productive in life. Linda Simon, author of "The Greatest Shows on Earth: A History of the Circus" chats about the news that Ringling Brothers will be shutting down this year after more than 100 years 
  • 1-16-17 John Hines Show 10AM

    John chats about the book he read over the weekend and takes calls on what movies are the most re-watchable. Dale Kurschner talks about the effect Donald Trump's tweets have on the businesses he talks about and their look at if Minneapolis liberal policies are bad for business
  • 1-16-17 John Hines Show 9AM

    John and Dave are back for Extra Innings and then Macalester College Professor Duchess Harris talks with John about MLK Day, race in America, the Trump Presidency and more
  • Friday, January 13th
  • 1-13-17 John Hines Show 10AM

    Esme Murphy talks with Dor Skuler from Intution Robotics about their work on creating a robot that will help keep the elderly company and the future of robotics as the baby boomers head towards retirement
  • Thursday, January 12th
  • 1-12-17 John Hines Show 11AM

    Matt Roush recaps the Golden Globes and two new streaming shows you should check out. Plus we get to meet this year's Klondike Kate for the Winter Carnival - Kristen Oster 
  • 1-12-17 John Hines Show 10AM

    Lisa Sevron chats about her new book "The UnBanking of America: How the new middle class survives" and Catey Hill from MarketWatch tells us what the best job in America is
  • 1-12-17 John Hines Show 9AM

    Dave tells us about his new lightbulbs in Extra Innings and Bob Cashill reviews the new movies coming out this weekend 
  • Wednesday, January 11th
  • 1-11-17 John Hines Show 11AM

    Scott M. Romane, executive director of Sports Minneapolis, tells us how you can get in on their ultimate fan giveaway and comedian Tracey Ashley chats about how she went from a WCCO Radio sales rep to opening for Tracy Morgan across the nation  
  • 1-11-17 John Hines Show 9AM

    Dave updates us on his trip to the appliance store and Rep. Sarah Anderson talks about the hearings regarding how much tax payer money was spent on food and tickets by the MSFA at US Bank stadium
  • Tuesday, January 10th
  • 1-10-17 John Hines Show - Midmorning Money

    Craig Bane from Bane O'Leary tells us 7 things you need to know about IRA's in Midmorning Money
  • 1-10-17 John Hines Show 11AM

    Ed Wallace checks in to talk about what's new at the Detroit Auto Show and all the car companies keeping plants in the US instead of moving to Mexico. A new study shows why we carry babes on the left side and how revenge really does make you feel good. 
  • 1-10-17 John Hines Show 10AM

    Nicholas Petrie talks about his new book "Burning Bright" and how he came up with the lead character Peter Ash. Craig Bane from Bane O'Leary tells us 7 things you need to know about IRA's
  • 1-10-17 John Hines Show 9AM

    Dave and John are back with Extra Innings and NYT reporter Jodi Kantor talks about the updated version of her book "The Obama's" and what's next for the First Family after Pres. Obama leaves office next week
  • Monday, January 9th
  • 01-09-17 John Hines Show 11AM

    Baseball historian Dan Levitt previews an event in town tomorrow that looks at how technology is changing the game of baseball. Deborah Cox is in-studio to talk about staring the musical The Bodyguard, which debuts its national tour here this week
  • 01-09-17 John Hines Show 10AM

    Rich Stevens from WFLT in Florida updates us on the latest regarding last Friday's airport shooting. Dale Kurschner from Twin Cities Business Magazine talks about an expansion for UnitedHealth and why Best Buy might have had their best quarter in years last Christmas.
  • 01-09-17 John Hines Show 9AM

    Dave and John recap their weekends in Extra Innings and David Lightman returns to talk about the latest news out of DC, including Trump vs Streep and this week's confirmation hearings
  • Saturday, January 7th
  • 01-06-17 John Hines Show 11 AM

    Dakota Smith is the City Hall reporter for the LA Times. Should adults without children be banned from public playgrounds? Dr David Schultz of Hamline University joins Esme in the second half hour to talk politics. 
  • Friday, January 6th
  • 01-06-17 John Hines Show 10 AM

    Dr. Donald Bucklin, Regional Medical Director for U.S. HealthWorks talks flu shots. Carrie Roch with 3 free thing and Kim Johnson has the 4 things you need to know for today. 
  • 1-06-17 John Hines Show 9 AM

    Andy Dominianni is with WWMT-TV in Grand Rapids and shares what he knows about JP Fleck. Rich Hanley of Quinnipiac talks about Megyn Kelly's move to NBC. Allison Bron of the Science Museum talks about their newest exhibit. 
  • Thursday, January 5th
  • 1-5-17 John Hines Show 10AM

    Mike Gansmoe used to run the music for many of Dayton's and Macy's and shares stories of his experiences there. Also Jim Vos from Cresa Minneapolis talks about what could be next for the Downtown Macy's space
  • 1-5-17 John Hines Show 9AM

    Extra Innings w/ Dave LEe and WSJ Reporter Reid Epstein talks about Trump's plans for the intellegence agencies and today's hearing on Russian hacking
  • Wednesday, January 4th
  • 1-4-16 John Hines Show 11AM

    John takes calls on the decision to fire Tracy Claeys yesterday and comedian Pete Lee stops by and talks about break ups and being a nice guy living in New York
  • 1-4-17 John Hines Show 10AM

    LisMinnesota author Mindy Mejia joins John to talk about her debut novel "Everything You Want Me To Be" and how she juggled writing with a full-time job and two young kids. Ben Fox Rubin from CNET checks in from CES 2017 to preview what's new in tech at this years show. 
  • 1-4-16 John Hines Show 9AM

    John and Dave make some laughs in Extra Innings and Ken Rudin returns to look back on the politicans we lost in 2016 and yesterday's quick reversal on the house ethics panel vote
  • Tuesday, January 3rd
  • 1-3-17 John Hines Show 11AM

    John Garland from Growler Mag talks about the latest issue and what it is important to try a new place more than once. Washington Post Congressional reporter Kelsey Snell chats about Why Obamacare is unlikely to die a swift death and today's reversal of last nights vote to gut the House ethics probes. 
  • 1-3-17 John Hines Show 10AM

    Former CIA analyst John Nixon talks about his book "DEBRIEFING THE PRESIDENT: The Interrogation of Saddam Hussein" and Kim Johnson shares 4 Things You Need To Know
  • 1-3-17 John Hines Show 9AM

    John and Dave talk cartoons in extra innings and Reuters Correspondent David Shepardson calls in to discuss the Tweet sent by President-Elect Trump threatening General Motors
  • Monday, January 2nd
  • 1-2-17 John Hines Show 10AM

    John has tips for how to keep your new years resolution and Dale Kurschner from Twin Cities Business magazine talks about this month's cover story on how much we love our boats in Minnesota
  • 1-2-16 John Hines Show 9AM

    Dave Lee is back and so is Extra Innings. Also Pioneer Press Capitol chief Rachel Stassen-Berger previews this years legislative session.
  • Friday, December 30th, 2016
  • John Hines

    Attorney, Joseph Marrone has been a legal expert to media across the country including NBC and FOX TV, National Radio and more. He joins the show to talk abou the case of the AI witness. Carrie Rocha has 3 free things and Kim Johnson with 4 things you need to know. 
  • 12-30-16 John Hines Show 9 AM

    Dr. Ben Bache-Wigg -- President of Abbott Northwesternon talks about the top medical advancements of 2016. 
  • Thursday, December 29th, 2016
  • 12-26-16 John Hines Show 10 AM

    Authorities are asking Alexa for an eyewitness account to a murder. The Amazon Echo personality is the Alexa we're refferring to. Diane Mulcahy, Harvard Business Review contributor and author of the new book “The Gig Economy: The Complete Guide to Getting Better Work, Taking More Time Off, and Financing the Life You Want".
  • 12-29-16 John Hines Show 9 AM

    Jane Kirtley, Director, Silha Center for the Study of Media Ethics and Law at the University of Minnesota with an update on the JonBenet Ramsey lawsuit. Dr. Brianne Roby, assistant professor and pediatric otolaryngologist with the University of Minnesota's Department of Otolaryngology talks about the negative effects of headphones on your hearing. 
  • Wednesday, December 28th, 2016
  • 12-28-16 John Hines Show 11AM

    Dr. Alan Steed, a psychologist with Allina Health, gives tips for fighting Seasonal Affective Disorder and Nancy Bitenc updates us after dropping off her petition to have Tracy Claeys fired at the U
  • 12-28-16 John Hines Show 10AM

    We learn some great tips for eating healthy in 2017 and Charlie Weaver from the Minnesota Business Partnership tells us what to expect from the local business market in 2017
  • 12-28-16 John Hines Show 9AM

    Amanda Vickstrom - Executive Director at Minnesota Elder Justice Center - tells us how to protect the elderly from being scammed and professional poker player Mike Sexton talks about his book "Life's A Gamble" 
  • Tuesday, December 27th, 2016
  • 12-27-16 John Hines Show 10 AM

    Megan Crepeau covers breaking news after dark for the Chicago Tribune talks about 11 killed 50 wounded in Chicago over Christmas weekend. Matthew Leimkuehler reports on music for The Des Moines Register and Juice magazine tells us how Hamilton is raising all boats.
  • 12-27-16 John Hines Show 9 AM

    Hinesy sticks around to talk with Steve Simpson in Extra Innings. Deborah Nelson is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who wrote an investigative report for Reuters on how hospitals hide superbug outbreaks.
  • Monday, December 26th, 2016
  • 12-26-16 - The John Hines Show - 11 AM

    Incoming Congressman Jason Lewis goes through the process of becoming a U.S. Senator. Then, Bob Lurtsema reflects on the Vikings' season collapse.
  • 12-26-16 - The John Hines Show - 10 AM

    Mike discusses the reasons for us to be grateful in this Holiday season. Dale Kurschner joins the show for the Mid-Morning Money segment. Plus, the 4 Things To Know on this Monday.
  • 12-26-16 - The John Hines Show - 9 AM

    Mike Max and John Hines chat on this post-Christmas episode. After that, how could President-Elect Trump plan to fill more than 100 federal judicial positions?
  • Friday, December 23rd, 2016
  • 12-23-16 - John Hines Show - 11 AM

    We find out how Ben Utecht went from running routes to singing Christmas tunes. And Mike shares an inspirational story.
  • 12-23-16 - John Hines Show - 10 AM

    How can you get your kids ready for the career world they'll join after their schooling? Get some ideas for free Christmas gifts. And Kim Johnson shares the headlines of the morning.
  • 12-23-16 - John Hines Show - 9 AM

    Mike Max and Dave Lee talk about preparations for the Christmas holiday. Then, how did one MN transplant become the Superintendent of a school district in the Florida Keys?
  • Wednesday, December 21st, 2016
  • 12-21-16 The Moose Miller show 11 am hour

    Moose talks with film producer Dan Bertalan, and gets some holiday diet advice from Mayo clinic.
  • 12-21-16 The Moose Miller Show 10 am hour

    Social media manners with Leslie Shore, 4 things with Kim Johnson, new tanks at Surly Brewing.
  • 12-21-16 Moose Miller Show 9AM hour

    Moose talks with Nick Oberheiden about ISIS and social media, and ethanol with Shon Van Hulzen.
  • Tuesday, December 20th, 2016
  • 12-20-16 Moose Miller Show 11 am hour

    Comic Nate Abshire and author Sam Weinman

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