Good Questions: Elevator Buttons; Recall Money; DimplesDo the close buttons on elevators work? Where does recall money go? How are dimples made? Heather Brown answers your burning Good Questions!
Good Question: What Happens When We Crack Our Knuckles?It’s a sound that can cause some of us to wince. For others, it relaxes the hands and the mind.
Good Question: What Would Be The Economic Impact Of Sunday Liquor Sales?The bill to allow Sunday liquor sales in Minnesota has made it through to the House floor -- the furthest it has ever gone.
Good Question: How Do Polls Rank Our Recent Presidents?A new ABC News/Washington Post poll finds President-elect Donald Trump with the lowest approval rating for an incoming president in the past 40 years.
Good Question: What Is The History Behind 'I Have A Dream'?It is one of the most famous lines in one of history’s most famous speeches – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s August 1963 speech during the March on Washington.
Good Questions: Inauguration, Cake & Driving With EarbudsIt's Friday, and Heather Brown is answering your Good Questions. This week, she investigates the inauguration, cake and driving with earbuds.
Good Question: Why Do We Weigh Less In The Morning?Have you ever weighed yourself at night and then again in the morning? You've likely noticed you're a few pounds lighter.
Good Question: How Do Our Cars Protect Us?When the weather gets bad, crash numbers on Minnesota roads pile up. Often times, these bad wrecks destroy cars, but the drivers and passengers inside survive.
Good Question: What Is The Process For Confirming Cabinet Picks?On Tuesday, the Senate will begin its confirmation hearings for President-elect Donald Trump's Cabinet picks. Up first are the nominees for attorney general and secretary of homeland security. Four committees meet on Wednesday and another five on Thursday.
Good Question: What's Happening To Retail, And What Stores Are Successful?After World War II, malls were all the rage as people moved from the cities to the suburbs. A generation later, big box stores like Wal-Mart and Target took over in popularity.
Good Question: Why Is Everything More Expensive At The Airport?An MSP official says they allow vendors to charge 10 percent over what local malls would charge for the same or similar item.
Good Question: How Do Birds Survive Minnesota Winters?Not all Minnesota birds head for warmer temperatures in the winter. Birds like woodpeckers, sparrow, crows, hawks and some robins end up sticking it out up north.

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