PRINCE: Was To Meet With Addiction Doctor | Happiness As Jehovah's Witness | 911 Calls To Paisley Park
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Good Question: What's Causing People Pain?Prince was reportedly on prescription pain medications when he died. The Mayo Clinic says nearly 70 percent of Americans are on at least one prescription drug. The majority of those drugs are used to relieve pain.
Good Question: Why Do Ants Invade Our Homes?When the weather warms up, we are not the only ones who can't wait to get out and about. You will notice ants on your sidewalk and driveway, and in many cases in your kitchen, bathroom and even bedroom. And it can be really hard to get rid of them.
Good Question: Why Does Our Metabolism Change As We Get Older?As we age, it's easier for pesky pounds to sneak up on us. So why does our metabolism change as we get older? Good Question.
Good Question: Why Do Autopsy Results Take So Long?We could get the preliminary results of what caused Prince's death any day now. The medical examiner has been working on this since the beloved Minnesota musician died one week ago.
Good Question: Why Are People So Mean Online?A viral video shows what female sports reporters have to put up with from online haters. To show how bad it is, a group of men read some disturbing tweets that were sent to reporters Julie DiCaro and Sarah Spain.
Good Question: Why Is 10,000 Steps The Magic Number?Chances are you have heard it before: You have to get 10,000 steps in a day to be healthy. Fitbit users are constantly reminded of this.
Good Question: What Happens To Your Money If You Don't Have A Will?It hasn't been made public whether Prince had a will. And that got us wondering: What happens to your money if you don't say where it goes? Good Question.
Good Questions: Prince's Symbol, Favorite Color & Biggest HitIn honor of the Purple One, John Lauritsen’s Good Questions are all about Prince this week.
Good Question: How Often Do We Use Cash?The face of money is changing. By 2020, Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. Tubman will be the first African American on United States paper money.
Good Question: What Makes Types Of Milk Different From One Another?The four types of milk all come from the same cow, so what makes them different from each other? Good Question
Good Question: Who Doesn't Pay Federal Income Tax?The Tax Day deadline means millions of Americans have been scrambling to get their taxes done on timeBut millions more, 40 percent of the population, don't have to. So who doesn't pay federal income tax? Good Question.
Good Questions: Barber Poles, Snoring, Former TitlesIt's Friday, and that means we are responding to some of your Good Questions. Some viewers wanted to know: Why are barber poles outside of barber shops?

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