Why Are Things Getting More Expensive?McDonalds, Chipotle, Netflix, Amazon, John Deere and more have all recently announced they are raising prices.
Why Are The Gnats So Bad This Year?The late and quick snowmelt made it impossible to spray in advance of the season’s first round of gnats. That means lots of kids, dogs and adults were bitten this past weekend.
Why Do We Get Brain Freeze?You know when you eat ice cream too fast? You get a searing, screeching, scorching headache. It hurts -- but only for a minute.
How Is Marriage Changing?The countdown is on to the Royal Wedding. So that has us wondering about the state of matrimony in our own country.
How Often Should We Replace Our Makeup?How old is your mascara? Eyeliner? Lipstick? If you don’t wear them every day, it could be time to throw them out.   
Which Foods Still Have Trans Fats?It’s very hard to find something on U.S. food shelves with trans fats these days.
How Do We Pay For College?Lots of families are making some major decisions right now about how to pay for college.
Does Sunscreen Expire? How About Insect Repellent?Sunscreens are made to keep their original strength for three years. After that, the chemicals can start to break down.
Where Does Our Gasoline Come From?Experts say President Donald Trump's decision to end the Iran deal could push gas prices beyond $3 per gallon.
Does Posting Calorie Counts Change What We Order?Starting Monday, calorie counts are required for companies with more than 20 locations. It’s all part of a labeling requirement of the Affordable Care Act that was passed in 2010.
Why Are Many Companies Updating Their Terms Of Service?There's a reason several companies are updating their terms of service lately, and it's not because of the Facebook scandal.
At What Age Can A Child Stay Home Alone? For How Long?Summer is just around the corner and that has lots of families scrambling to figure out childcare. That could be camps, babysitters, grandparents -- or maybe hanging out by themselves for a few hours.

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