Minnesota Backyard Rinks

Plymouth Backyard Rink
Plymouth Backyard Rink
Roth wrote: "This is my third year of constructing a backyard rink. It is approximately 30' x 70' in area. The walls are simply made of snowplowed snow, except for a few boards from an old hot tub. I drag the ice with a homboni (homemade Zamboni ice rake) attached to a hose running from the laundry room This provides warm water and a smoother surface. We host Friday Night Neighborhood skates with the kids from 6-8 p.m. and Mom and Dad boot hockey afterwards.
(credit: Dan Roth)
Jordan Backyard Rink
Jordan Backyard Rink
Seifert wrote: "We've had our rink over 10 years. We do not have children of our own, but our rink has become a favorite of our rural neighborhood! We keep spreadsheets of when we play hockey and who skates. At the end of the season, anyone who has been there at least three times, gets on the "Awards Board". Last year we played hockey 20 times and had 45 different players. We love it! It make the winters much more tolerable in this great State of Hockey!"
(credit: Michelle Seifert)
(credit: Dan & Lisa Miller & Family)
Minneapolis Backyard Rink
Th Miller's wrote, "Can you say Winter in Minnesota? We love it and we wouldn't have it any other way! We have our 'Labor of Love' right in our backyard! The hours spent by friends and family and the memories made, make it all worth it! Won't you join us?
(credit: Dan & Lisa Miller & Family)
Isanti Backyard Rink
Isanti Backyard Rink (credit: Steve Lindell)
Chanhassen Backyard Rink
Chanhassen Backyard Rink
Mike Manning said he and his wife have an 8-year-old son in third year mites and a 6-year-old daughter in first year mites. This is the third winter they've put in a backyard rink.
(credit: Mike Manning)
Chanhassen Backyard Rink
Chanhassen Backyard Rink
Manning said "Our kids love it, and are out skating almost every day and/or night, along with their teammates or kids from the neighborhood. My son s hockey team has a total of 5 boys with rinks in their yards."
(credit: Mike Manning)
Chanhassen Backyard Rink
Chanhassen Backyard Rink
Manning also wrote, "This year, to expand our current (rink) size, I had to remove a tree, bring in a bobcat to level and re-sod my yard, and remove five dump trucks full of extra dirt, much to my wife's bewilderment."
(credit: Mike Manning)
Minneapolis Backyard Rink
Minneapolis Backyard Rink
Tighe Belden said her daughter has a backyard rink for figure skating that has lights under the ice.
(credit: Tighe Belden)
(credit: Bryan Hammitt)
Bemidji Backyard Rink
Hammitt wrote: "Our rink started as a small clearing in a 40-acre red pine plantation. Looking for a place for our two young boys (8) and (11), we cut down about 250 trees in front of our rural Bemidji home. A few years later, our rink has evolved into an elaborate 'Field of Dreams' of some sorts, providing skating, camaraderie, solace from work, exercise, and most importantly valuable family/neighbor time."
(credit: Bryan Hammitt)
Backyard Rink
Backyard Rink
This backyard rink belongs to Blake Wright.
(credit: Blake Wright)
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One Comment

  1. Christina says:

    Whichever hockey rink Kerry was broadcasting from at 5a.m.(2/10/11), someone should contact whomever maintains it and advise they make a rounded cut on the front corners of the time-out box as a safety improvement. With the kids skating/playing right up to or in front of it, or even if someone fell going in/out of the box, someone could take one of those sharp, pointed corners to the face/head. It would still hurt to hit a rounded corner, but it would likely do less harm. Just an observation that I thought might make it safer for the kids.

  2. jeremie reinhart says:

    Lindells rink is the coolest looking by far! LOVE THE zAMBONI!

  3. Chelsea Atkins says:

    WOW… The Lindell rink is amazing! Awesom Zamboni and great lighting! A+ I bet the kids love hittin the ice at practice time!

  4. Bob Manning says:

    The “Manning Rink” is awesome!
    Great Family and good times.

    Bring your blades and your stick, and you’ll
    leave with a smile.

    Thanks Brother!

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