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  1. Stefan Silverman says:

    Great welcome home. We’re coming back from West Palm Beach Monday evening. Goodby sunshine….

  2. Jean Chambard-Orth says:

    That is pretty!

  3. Todd J says:

    I’m in Bangkok right now. Not looking forward to coming home Friday.

  4. Sheila says:

    Thats how you do a snow storm in Minnesota!

  5. Katie says:

    Can’t believe I traveled easily to MSP from ATL on Feb 10-11…Must have been good karma to plan my trip between snowstorms! I love Minneapolis!

  6. Jack says:

    For me, the most annoying thing about snowstorms are the people who constantly complain about them. (Not meaning anyone commenting on this article. I’m speaking in general.) This is Minnesota. The cold and snow are not secrets. Minnesotans who complain about snow are like Floridians complaining about too much sunshine. It’s ridiculous. As long as we’re going to get snow, we might as well get plenty of it and enjoy it!

    1. Helen says:

      I agree Jack! Bring it on, make it pretty again!

    2. You'll Get Old, Too says:

      If you were a Senior Citizen who can’t afford a winter vacation or being a Snow Bird, you’d think differently. Many of us stay in Minnesota because our children, and other relatives are here, helping us remain independent in our homes rather than having to live in a nursing home. Sometimes it’s a case of our elderly parents still living — here. Of course, we all know it’s cold and snowy in MN! But when especially cold and snowy winters keep us basically housebound, I think we have a right to complain.

      We’re past the years of being able to get out there and enjoy it. Some of us have health problems that won’t allow us to do that. At least, we should have the understanding of the more able bodied if we complain about the weather that prevents us from enjoying visiting with our family and friends, going to the grocery store or library, and other activities that we are still able to do when the cold and snow doesn’t stand in our way.

      1. Helen says:

        Mr/Mrs. Senior Citizen,
        You’re absolutely right. There are other folks in MN, and elsewhere, who find winter challenging for many reasons. I apologize for not thinking of you and the limitations too much snow, cold, and ice have on your daily activities. For you, and others in similar situations, I hope that spring comes quickly

    3. Jennifer Da Costa says:

      YAY YAY!!! Yohoooo !!! Finally someone that tells it like it is!!! MINNESOTA…. LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!!

  7. Bob says:

    WCCO’s website blows!

  8. Marilyn says:

    It won’t let me send my pics…..

  9. donteatyellowsnow says:

    I hope he’s not making “yellow snow”!!

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