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  1. sniffdog says:

    Think of all of the poor that could have been helped instead of this group of excessive egoed people, living excessive lives, consuming excessive amounts of natural resources, putting on a party for themselves to pat themselves on the back. Pathetic!

    1. Word says:

      Exactly!!! Couldnt have said it better.

      And to the lady below that stated they “work hard so they should play hard”!?! Just another sign that this country is doomed, when we have citizens praising the Hollywood elite for their “hard work”. Try roofing houses for 12 hours a day when its 90 degrees out, then maybe come back here and talk about “hard work”.

  2. jasmine says:

    Excessive? Perhaps but also entertainment for millions of us, not only last night but 365 days a year. They work hard; they should be able to play hard. Many of them to help the less fortunate throughout the year (Have you followed Brad Pitt’s volunteer aid through the years, how about Sean Penn and his aid to Haiti? Just a few examples.)

    Back to last night’s show… Love Anne Hathaway but she should stick with acting. Not overly impressed with her/Franco’s emcee abilities. Miss the humor and the talent of those who hosted in years past.

  3. red says:


  4. Stix says:

    Yeah, you’re right. It’s hard roofing a house and being in the heat all day. But it’s just as hard to work on your art and just as demanding whether it’s film or music or painting or whatever.

  5. Andrew says:

    “Just as hard to work on your art…” Great stuff here.

    Yes, acting and getting paid millions to stay in five-star hotels and be famous is definitely as hard as construction or sanitation work.

    Please get a grip on reality people.

  6. Gunny says:

    “Money for nothin and your chics for free”, the point is they earned their money just like a high scoring basketball/football/baseball/race car driver…
    I put in twenty years in the Marine Corp, have been a floor layer, roofer, carpenter, and more. I believe they earned their paycheck and I agree with Jasmine; Many actors and other celebrities give back in one way or another. My bank account is hurting to guys but loosen up and enjoy the show…

  7. jt says:

    Maybe Sniff, Word, and Red should have taken acting lessons when they were young, they might be less bitter…or at least they could “act” less bitter.

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