• May 29 Severe WeatherSevere storms traveled north through the Twin Cities on Tuesday, with high winds taking down trees and clouds looking ominous.
  1. Wendy Eckert says:

    I was listening to 7/13/11 1pm conversation on my way to work at an southern MN. nursing home. I feel very angry at the cost to us,we the people who, are being poorly represented by the people we elected. I think that they should consider the people the MN government are really hurting.They all should be ashamed of themselves! If I dont do my job, The residents I care for wouldn’t get their meds or any of their other medical needs met. I would be fired for neglect. I think the powers that be should be fired and charged with neglect. After all they are making many suffer with the selfishness of not playing well with others.I hope that they can put the diffrences aside and rember who they represent. Me and everyone else that put them in office in the first place.Thank You WCCO for airing the converasation. Rember you to have a job that you all could get fired for if you didnt do what you get paid for. Have a great day. Respectfully Wendy Eckert. Lecenter MN

  2. crocriva says:

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