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  1. overwhelming says:

    Wow, what a huge “crowd”!

    Really there must be dozens .. there are probably that many bums living under the bridge by the river at any given time. Come to think of it, the people in the pictures look just like the river people – coincidence?

    LOL at the losers

    1. Mike says:

      Their are a few differences between the people who are at the rally, but I wouldn’t start with labeling them losers. Many of them are unemployed and up against a current in the economy they have no control over and share no responsibility to it’s cause. They are not unlike the people who represent the Tea Party and have many things in common in terms of feeling disenfranchised with politics. You may think you are omnipotent, but realistically a day will come when you are on the outside looking in and you better hope that the people staring back are more understanding of your condition and offer a hand of opportunity versus the handful of mud you carry.

      1. Allan says:

        “…They are not unlike the people who represent the Tea Party….”

        The people standing around at the government center are not at all like the TEA party, in fact from what I understand they hold the exact opposite views.

        The TEA party stands for greatly reducing the size of government and its regulations. The stand for allowing each working man and women to keep a much larger share of their incomes so that they can better their personal lives.

        The people standing around in these pictures are calling for the government to take more of what belongs to people that work hard so that it can be given to those less motivated and talented because its not “fair”. They want government to have a much larger impact in people’s daily lives.

        I know the media is desperately trying to lump this group in with the TEA party, but it just won’t work – there are no similarities

    2. Deb says:

      Jeez, you must be a paid troll and a bad one at that! You can’t find a decent job? So you want to become a puppet of the wealthy elite?? Now lets see, You must be part of the wealthy elite, that would be the 1%, because it would be just stupid to be part of the middle class and support people who are working against your own best interest. So what is it? Are you stupid or just very stupid?

  2. paul m says:

    its funny while clicking through the pics, there is ad for a local car dealership.

    I bet about a 1/4 of the people there are representatives from local news organizations. I just see people mulling around not doing much.

    Why don’t these people instead of complaining about jobs take an idea and research on opening their own business where they can hire people? They can hire the right amount of people without making a profit and feel better about themselves.

  3. Single Mom of 3 says:

    Signs against Capatilism, signs wanting 32 hr work weeks, Hippies from the sixties…….and none of them seem to be hurting look at their bellies. GET BACK TO WORK YA BUMS!!!!

    1. Jim Rockford says:

      Funny,yesterday or the day before I saw someone chating at—>http://www.livestream.com/occupymn with the same name as you except it was……Single Mom of 3-Hitler supporter??????????? RING ANY BELLS??????????
      If this is you why did you cut the rest of your name off????

    2. Deb says:

      So you must be apart of the wealthy elite? Otherwise why would you support people who are working against YOUR best interest?

  4. 100% American says:

    I’m trying to figure out which of these people actually WORK for a living? Obviously, they want more of us to pay higher taxes to support their lazy arses, right? I work… I pay taxes… I think they need to picket the Obama administration to create jobs for them…including bringing back work that’s been off-shored. And close the gates to immigrants who come here to take jobs. In my estimation, it’s about WORKING, paying your share of taxes, and getting the heck off the picket/demonstration lines!

    1. anon says:

      I work…and I’m there supporting those who were laid off two years ago…and are still looking for work. I’m there supporthing those who have to go back to collage at the age of 40 to change their skill set so they can find work. So how about refraining from bringing up something you obviously are quite cluess about. NOT everyone there is jobless. We are there for corporate greed…not just jobs and those of us LUCKY enough to still be employed, are there because WE ACTUALLY CARE!

      1. Unedumacated says:

        But many of the people protesting in NY are making it political and saying we need Obama back in office to fight greed. Nevermind the fact that his campaign was funded heavily by Wall Street corporations. Every time someone is questioned about it (never by the media I might add) they dodge the question terribly because they know they have no grounds. And then for Obama to comment and fan the flames, it is creating more and more anger in the protests when 90% of the people there are as clueless as you claim other people posting here are.

        1. 100% American says:

          Unedumacted…. your comment is the most logical response. Thank you the EDUCATED response… and your comment about the media has already proven that they censure apparent conservative comments…………my long response to Anon never reached this comment board……….I wonder if this one will!

        2. Deb says:

          Many of them? You have shown you just don’t understand. The protesters in NYC have done their best to make this about people not politics. You need to get off faux news and educate yourself with real facts not talking points put our by the wealthy elite. Or are you claiming to be part of the wealthy elite. If you aren’t part of the 1% I guess that makes you…………..very uninformed.

          Strength in numbers! Go 99%!

        3. Deb says:

          I don’t know where you get your news from, but they don’t support Obama and they are trying to keep politics out of this. They don’t want a pol coming in and trying to take over.

    2. Deb says:

      Spoken like a true wealthy elitist! You must be part of the 1% right? Because if not, to support them would be just stupid, right!

  5. 100% American says:

    Why have comments been cut off?

  6. what's up? says:

    Obvious conservative comments are blocked…………….

    1. Deb says:

      I’m not a neocon and I have had comments blocked also.

  7. gimmy says:

    I thought it was are right to protest against what we feel is not right.
    The guy\gal with the black T-shirt is spot on.
    I have seen big companies laying off people and they are making profits.

    I see banks that where bailed out not giving out loans to even people that have jobs and are able to pay them back.
    There is some greed and pointing of the finger, with people i guess we can expect that.

    1. Unedumacated says:

      What is the point of being in business other than making a profit? That is the whole point of starting a business and working hard to be successful. If businesses big or small are not making a profit then everyone is jobless and the US as a nation declines.

      And if you say they are making a huge profit and the CEO’s etc are overpaid, I have seen first-hand how a union bleeds a company while the salaried workers get paid much, much less (of course not the CEO). They bully and create unrealistic expectations and the workers do not have to be held to the same standards as everyone else because the union can strike and stop all progress! I read an article about some Metro Transit drivers in WI that make damn near $200k a year, is that right?

      1. Deb says:

        You’re right only the company “owners” should be able to make a living wage. [snark]

  8. me says:

    All I am saying is…stop assuming everyone posting is jobless…I don’t think that is a fair assumption. Some of us have jobs and are protesting corporate greed and the pay disparity. People are protesting because they are not happy with Wall Street, Corporate Greed…etc. There are others protesting for different reasons. Point is, people are unhappy, frustrated….and neither side (Democrate/Republich) can come together. They are too busy trying to make each other look bad, rather than do what they were elected for. But to assume everything there is unemployed is wrong. That is all I have been reading all day long, is how everyone at the protest needs to get a job. Well I have a job, and a dang good one at that…but my work schedule ALLOWS me to be there, period.

    1. me says:

      And yes, I have some typos in there…that’s what happens when you type fast.

  9. OWS says:

    Wall Street sparked this whole recession with their predatory lending practices. They got bailed out with OUR tax money. Their CEOs are still getting millions in bonuses while the rest of us our losing our jobs, homes, etc. Did you really think we would continue to take it lying down?

  10. Jim Rockford says:

    You can watch and chat here——–>http://www.livestream.com/occupymn

  11. jim says:

    IT starts !!! us vets SOS

  12. Deb says:

    Can some one explain what it means on this site when they say “you are posting too fast slow down”? I have never been accused of typing too fast!

  13. JimRockford says:

    Something is Very wrong,on the left & the right,This will prove it! Link to Visual US debt—->http://usdebt.kleptocracy.us/

  14. Jenny Peterson says:

    There is a little girl who appears to be approx. three years old in one of the Occupy MN crowd photos—Where is Hennepin County Child Protection? Who is so stupid as to bring young children into a mob like this? It doesn’t take much to set off a group like this—This kid could be trampled.

    1. Deb says:

      OMG! Get a grip. This is not exactly an angry crowd and not a mob. Do you fear taking yours kids to the mall? To a sporting event? Or do you and yours just stay home all the time? But I guess you are just still following the wealthy elites orders to try and smear and cause trouble for the 99%. Well good luck with that. So by posting for them, I gather you are one of them, because if you aren’t one of them and are still supporting their cause……….well, that would make you just stupid now wouldn’t it?

  15. william says:

    In reading your posts I am taken back at how fixated you are on the 1% of wealthy elites in our country. could you please explain what it is that you would like them to do? I hate to inform you but I am not embarrassed to side with them. I’m not sure about this shortage of jobs either…you know my wife and I are in our early 20s just out of college and we both found well paying jobs with benefits and opportunity to advance in three days of searching. there are thousands of openings all over the place. you just have to be willing to do whatever it takes to make ends meet…that may mean not always getting what you want right now…a difficult concept for many. yeah I will side with the 1%. if you had any understanding of business practice you would also understand that business owners are not in it to hire people…they are in business to make money. If there is not a demand for what I am supplying then I’m not going to increase my overhead costs by hiring more employees. that’s simply poor business practice. just or not that’s how business works. just because they can hire people does not make it profitable or smart or for that matter just. that is why stimulus fails to create long term jobs. when the money runs out because there is no demand for what is being produced they are simply laid off…so I guess I will just continue to be “stupid” or “very stupid” as you so elegantly put it. kinda wish I was ignorant sometimes. then I to could simply resort to calling everyone who I disagree with stupid…o well…Guess I will just go back to becoming part of the 1%
    all the best
    the other %

    1. Deb says:

      You are young and apparently to busy starting your perfect life to notice people struggling and the changes that have occurred in the past 12 years or so. If you remember george bush brought in the oil companies to rewrite regulations that had a direct impact on their profits. By doing so our oceans are under attack as well as our air. What happened in Japan could happen at any the Nuclear sites in this country. Big pharma was allowed to rewrite their regulations and guidelines and so on and so on. The regulations or lack there of has caused our air, water, and world less safe. Every time a Doc. prescribes a script we now have to question if it is safe. I’m against big business and the 1% who own them for allowing their greed to put profits before people. It isn’t just about jobs and if you would follow any of the links posted by Jim Rockford you would know what all of this is about. The middle class has taken all they can take. While your life might be perfect others aren’t. No man is an island and sooner or later life will hand you some rotten eggs and you will have to deal with it just like everyone else. You haven’t had enough reality in your life to understand yet. It will come, it always does sooner or later.

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