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  1. beingzhenya says:

    I don’t fall into the rich people category, but I fall into a category of people who are content with what they have, who are not greedy for more, who have something better to do with their lives than to march down Nicolette like this. It seems to me a lot of people joining the “99% movement” are presenting themselves as losers. That’s at least how they come across to me! And yes, you may say I am a stupid 25 year old fashion blogger, but I am a happy wife, married to a wonderful man (who by the way gets distracted at work by all these protesters). Let’s stop the whole show! And to all the women who take part in this I want to say the following – You look nothing, but ugly with those cardboard posters and in your fleece jackets. Donna Karan once said that personal style comes from within, if that’s what your within looks like, I am sorry!

    1. JimRockford says:

      You said……You look nothing, but ugly with those cardboard posters and in your fleece jackets….Wow, it’s not a fashion show!

      “You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results.”
      ― Mahatma Gandhi

      1. beingzhenya says:

        Well, maybe if it should’ve been a fashion show! It would’ve drawn more attention from the fashion world! And now when it’s finally getting colder, where are these protesters going to be? In their warm kitchens? Protesting?!?

        1. Leon says:

          KuBeRkId on October 31, 2011 i personaly think this give away is going to be the best of all ueacbse that 2x2x1 is amazing and im trying to buy on but it would be gr8 to get it from my hero

    2. Gardoglee says:

      Actually, if ther most significant thing you do is blog on fashion then you have sort of missed the point. You criticize the protesting women for being unfashionable. Did it ever occur to you that most people would consider you irrelevant?

      1. Francis says:

        Hey Gardoglee, you may consider her irrelevant, but don’t speak for “most” people. How the hell do you know what most people think? I think she was simply speaking her mind and being kind of funny in the process. You, however, just seem like a boob.

        1. beingzhenya says:

          Thanks Francis 🙂 Relevance/irrelevance – all that is subjective – but no one cancelled the – people judge you by your looks statement 😉 Besides the protesters have already cost a quarter of a million dollars to the city of Minneapolis – you do realize that they are doing more harm than good? All that money could’ve gone to schools, towards education and maybe some shopping – because if I see another woman in downtown wearing her PJs and UGGS, I will take her picture and put on my blog, for the entire population of Twin Cities to see.

        2. Neftali says:

          Interesting. Makes me consider a few other ghints:What about the ability of digital protests to affect change? Countless online petitions have failed, yet even in the narrow range of Canadian tech policy in the past three years, you have big success stories like Fair Copyright for Canada and Open Media’s Stop the Meter initiative. These, I think, are similar to the street protests because they’re about a show of numbers and media attention in large respects, just the numbers are Facebook group membership or signatures on an online petition, rather than people in Queen’s Park. What’s the point of those tactics? With FCFC, it embarrassed the government into stalling the bill repeatedly, and while the follow-up still has serious problems with digital locks, a lot of ghints changed in the bill for the better. With Stop the Meter, every single party eventually spoke out against the ruling, even though it only affected the ~6% who are actually customers of indie ISPs. For some reason, politicians didn’t want to be seen as off-side on the issue.How was massive, system change accomplished in the past? (I don’t know my history well enough to answer this.) I mean, you have revolutions, which sometimes bring about new systems (American), and sometimes bring about new forms of tyranny with new faces (French, potentially the recent Egyptian uprising with the military exerting control now). There have been many countries that have swung between communism, democracy, facism, etc., especially during the 20th century was systematic change affected through uprisings, protests, coups, foreign intervention? I’m just thinking of the question of how you might actually affect systemic change What about social change, like say the street protests of the civil rights movement in the 1960s? That seems like a case where sustained street protests had a role to play in affecting systemic change, though it hardly happened over night or in a single decade. Then, your Arab Spring or Solidarność movements fit somewhere in there as well I’m just raising some ideas, more than making an argument. To me, it seems like street protests are more effective when combined with other methods, e.g. having an educational campaign to inform minds, change hearts, and staging demonstrations in the streets to draw attention to the issue, build the movement, etc

  2. Jacky m says:

    by Anryth on “YouTube and the MESSAGE IS!!

    The message is that the American people have effectively been disenfranchised by the corruption and the intermingling of corporate dollars and government at all levels. Their goal is for average Americans to get together and demand reform to a political and economic system that stifles our voices and actively makes all of our lives harder in the interest of further enriching the already-rich.

    If you don’t see that anything’s wrong, you’re either very lucky or not paying attention.

    1. Stop Whining says:

      Well, that couldn’t have been more vague, just like the entire protest. Keep up the misinformed, disinteresting work.

      Keep hating on the rich, they pay taxes so you don’t have to, they give money to their colleges so that they can hand out full rides to people that want to make something of themselves but don’t have the means.

      47% of people in this country pay no tax at all, but I suppose that is fair right? The other 53% of us have to pay their tax, their handouts, and worst of all, the $250,000 the city has already spent on police and cleaning up after you clowns. Sorry you suck at life, maybe you should try a little harder. Everyone has the same opportunities to go to college thanks to big nasty government, so use it and stop complaining.

      1. Zen says:

        You are wrong. Those 47% pay no FEDERAL INCOME TAX because their income is too low. Those people still pay sales taxes on everything just like you and I do, the difference being that a larger proportion of their income is consumed by taxes than their wealthier neighbors. You are misleading and inaccurate when you make statements like “they pay no taxes”.

        1. Fred says:

          nope. corporate tax breaks add up to 90 billion, tax breaks on regular citizens add up to hundreds of billions, our tax system is not working and will not work. and now it is polarizing the have nots and the will nots against the haves and want to haves. flat tax is the only sane answer, that way you pay as much taxes as you spend, and there is no whining about who gets what break and there arent all these tax scams.

  3. Don Anderson says:

    We should stop voting in people who aspire to BIG government and vote in people who believe that people can do for themselves and don’t need the government to act as their nanny with free handouts. I say vote for the Tea Party! A real revolution and real answers for the common man.

  4. mygkidsfuture says:

    Being, It’s wonderful you have a great life, honey, but not everyone has that cozy life. What happens if your husband loses his job and you can’t afford that fine house and life? You are young and obviously haven’t lived enough to make an opinion regarding hardships in other people’s lives. Unfortunate it is people like you who have no empathy for others that don’t understand the real problems of this country. When the changes come from the demonstrations and they will, you and your family will benefit from their sacrifices. And honey, you are extremely superficial, I hope you grow out of it, but I doubt if you will ever evolve that much.

    1. Jack M says:

      Get a clue, you just have your hand extended expecting something you have not earned. Go start your own buisness, then reap the rewards from your hard work!

  5. Jack M says:

    What a bunch of crybaby losers!

  6. somebody says:

    Since the Ford Motor Company is planning to close their plant in St Paul, The protesters should go there to protest.

  7. OBAMMMMMA says:


  8. OBAMMMMMA says:

    LOL… when the article states a “large” crowd… they mean that they are really a bunch of fat slobs and not so much large in number… there are more police spending tax money to keep this bunch of pukes from destroying the business in the area… hey coppers…. use the tear gas and disperse those germs…. get them back under their rocks from which they oozed out from under…. this bunch is definitely obamas voting block…

  9. BELLA says:

    WOW!!!!! Really, give it a rest. My husband and I get up every day and go to work just like almost everyone else. We work hard to pay our taxes and keep the little bit we have extra to try and make things a little bit better in our families lives. We do not make a lot of money and there have been times that after the house payment and all the other bills are paid, there is nothing left but a few dollars and some change. We all should be looking for ways to lower gas prices, food prices and lower the prices of electricity and natural gas. We all have our own opinions, some of us vote, make calls, write letter or send emails and protest as well. I think though “My Opinion” that when doing protest it should be done with diplomacy and everyone should try and look their best. Otherwise stay at home, if you are going to talk about protesters be nice about it because they are only voicing their opinions the same way we are all doing here on this blog. “Think Martin Luther King” Correction does much, but Encouragement everything!.

  10. Denise C says:

    Just another Democrat Liberal March assisted by greedy kids!!

  11. blaep01 says:

    I have tried to keep an open mind related to the Occupy Minnesota and Occupy Wall Street and all related protests going on. I will admit I didn’t and still don’t totally understand the point. So I sought understanding and enlightenment. I asked co-workers and they were equally perplexed, I asked fellow students (I am currently working on my MBA, while working full time) and they all found the protesters silly and irrelevant. So I asked my 25 year old daughter – given that so many of the protestors seem in her age group. Her response provided the inside perspective but also filled me with horror, to think this is the group of people that will someday run our corporations and country. Her response (significantly abbreviated) went something like this: Our whole lives we have been told to work hard, go to school and get a degree, get a job and doors will open for you. So we did that. We went to school we got degrees and for many there are no jobs and for those with jobs they are not meaningful or in our chosen profession but we have to work to pay off our student loans and credit card bills and car loans” she went on to say that her generation had been promised the “American Dream” by my generation and they found it a nightmare not a dream. When I asked what the protests were supposed to do, she said. She didn’t really know, other than give voice to this generation’s discontent. So, I pressed her asking – “and what is my generation or any other generation supposed to do about it?” She responded – “Fix it. Your generation has fixed everything for us – our whole lives. We don’t know how to fix this problem and you didn’t teach us how to fix problems so you guys need to fix this for us”. All I could say is “WOW!” seriously?!?! Really – your generation is discontent and we need to fix it for you. You are slaves to your student loans and credit card debt so you can’t leave jobs you don’t like and somehow this is my generation’s fault? What about the generations of families from the great depression that lost farms that had been in their families for generations due to the economy and the dust bowl? They didn’t protest – they did whatever they could to find a job…. Don’t these idealistic kids understand that we are ALL slaves to our economic choices? Big homes, fancy cars, fancy educations, credit card debt – we all have to work to pay off our debt. If we don’t like our jobs, few of us have the luxury of saying “my job is not meaningful, I am going to stay home, not work, but still expect to live the lifestyle of someone with a six figure salary – I am ENTITLED to this after all…… – seriously is that really what is being protested? – if it is true, I weep for the future of this country….

  12. Tom says:

    Why don’t these slackers do something useful with their time like rake leave for the elderly?

    1. blaep01 says:

      I agree with you Tom. These slackers, could rake leaves, pick up trash from roadsides, work/volunteer at soup kitchens etc. etc. Show some action rather then inaction to “change the world” they live in. Sitting around a city park or Government center does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to change their status in life, but by being useful, they might actually make connectins with those that can provide jobs and in the interim, they are helping out someone else and NOT just sitting around waiting for their lives to be handed to them on silver platters…..

    2. Monika says:

      Fundamentally, eenryove just wants to be happy.Let them have their protest. Better yet, order them some food and drink, play some funky music, and let them get their groove on. Eventually, people will get tired and go home. Sure, it’s placating them, but I’d much rather see that than the unreasonable force that’s often used to quell protests. All protesters really want is to feel as if their opinions have been heard (even if it isn’t necessarily the case).That might sound as if I’m jesting and I don’t fundamentally agree with the premise of a protest like Occupy, but that’s far from true. I think the world needs to change drastically. I think we can find a better way to live so that no one is ever poor or a beggar. The problem is most people are afraid of change, and since I’m talking about drastic change here, well it’s bound to be frightening for most (though I think less frightening for people if they’re actually involved in the process to bring about change).Basically, I say let them protest (as long as it remains peaceful and not a health concern or a security threat for anyone) and let’s move on to addressing the issues that are at the core of why Occupy even started. Let’s start finding solutions that will help build all humans a better society for the future and continuing development of humankind. We need to start thinking progressively and outside the box. As humans, we have a long way to go, but so far all we’ve done is fight with each other on one planet in a huge universe. We’re all humans and we all live on this planet (which by the way belongs to no one and eenryove), so maybe we should start thinking as one.

  13. jack says:

    This started out as a legitimate cause,then the wrong special interest groups joined in to diminish your purpose. The unions are involved with most of the corporations you are protesting. With the millions of dollars that are taken from the workers pay that go to pay for corrupt government they have muddied the waters of your protest. I believe that was the intent of this administration to form a negative opinion. After all, it’s the unions and banks that made out the best with Obama’s stimulus package along with some major corporations like General electric. They all gave generously to influence the government

  14. compuser says:

    This is a one sided sight, only representing the narrow minded

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