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Anderson Cooper

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Conrad Murray Sings To Anderson Cooper

Conrad Murray sings to Anderson Cooper, fitting start to the Jackson v. AEG trial. Hear the song and see Cooper’s reaction.


(credit: Anderson)

Igor Gets Help On Anderson Cooper’s Show

The tallest man in America, who lives in Rochester, Minn., was on Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show Tuesday morning. Igor Vovkivinskiy is 7 feet, 8 inches tall, and got national attention after WCCO’s Holly Wagner did a story in March.


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All Against Cain: Upstart Targeted In GOP Debate

Republican presidential contenders attacked upstart Herman Cain’s economic plan as a tax increase waiting to happen Tuesday night, moving swiftly in a fiery campaign debate to blunt the former businessman’s unlikely rise in the race for the party’s nomination.


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FACT CHECK: Misfires On Taxes And More In Debate

Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan ignited plenty of sparks in the Republican presidential debate Tuesday night, as did testy exchanges between Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. In those instances and more, the facts took a bit of a beating.


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A Look At Key Moments In The GOP Debate

Key moments in Tuesday night’s GOP presidential debate:


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Anderson Cooper Loses It On Air

Have you seen this yet? Anderson Cooper loves his own puns. Watch the segment.


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Cooper Gets the Giggles

Anderson Cooper cracked himself up during his Ridiculist segment on a piece on Gerard Depardieu.


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CNN Interview With NY Times Journalists Kidnapped In Libya

Anderson Cooper conducted a riveting interview with the four NY Times journalists who were kidnapped by the Qaddafi regime while reporting on the troubles in Libya. We’ve got a link to the video.


(credit: CBS)

NYU Fellow Who Ripped Logan Gets Ripped By Anderson Cooper

NYU Fellow Nir Rosen issued several insensitive tweets in the wake of news about Lara Logan being sexually assaulted in Egypt. He appeared on Anderson Cooper last night… and it didn’t go well for him.


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Anderson Cooper Debates Birther

The “birthers” aren’t going away. So we thought we’d re-post this clip of Anderson Cooper demolishing a Texas Rep. who’s trying to keep birther-mania alive.


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Anderson Cooper On Letterman

Anderson Cooper described his harrowing trip to Egypt on Letterman last night, including an anecdote about why you don’t want your Arabic to be rusty in that situation. Check out the video.


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Video: Anderson Cooper Assaulted In Egypt

The raw video of Egyptian protesters attacking Anderson Cooper is now available and we’ve got the link.


(credit: CBS)

Cooper Criticizes Bachmann

Anderson Cooper accused Michele Bachmann of having “flunked history” last night. Check out this link to his “Keeping Them Honest” segment.


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Congressman Invokes Nazism

A congressman claims that Republican objections to health care reform amount to “Nazi-like propaganda”. We’ve got a link to a video of Anderson Cooper challenging him on it.


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Anderson Cooper Interviews Autism Study Author

Anderson Cooper spoke to the author of a British study linking autism to childhood vaccines about allegations that his study was fraudulent.


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CNN’s Anderson Cooper Takes On Birther

Monday night, Anderson Cooper got into extended and often heated exchange with a Texas state representative who questions President Obama’s citizenship.