Accomplish With Kylie: Animal Humane SocietyEvery year, 24,000 animals go through the Animal Humane Society at five locations across Minnesota. Usually an animal only spends 10 days in the shelter before being adopted, but there’s no time limit to how long an animal can stay. They couldn't help all those animals find great homes if it weren't for their 2,100 volunteers working with 300 staff members.
Stolen Kittens Returned To Wisconsin ShelterTwo kittens have been returned to a Milwaukee-area animal shelter after someone snatched them last week.
Animal Shelter Director Struggling After Losing Home, Cats To FireThe director of a Minnesota animal rescue is trying to get back on her feet after she lost her home, and some animals, in a massive fire.
This Dachshund Paints Look at this adorable little dachshund paiting to raise money for the animal shelter.
26-Toed Cat Saves Wis. Animal ShelterIn a reversal of fortunes, a once-unwanted cat has come to the rescue of an animal shelter in need of a new home.
Mrs. Claus Photo Op Helps Keep Animal Rescue AfloatA financially-strapped animal shelter in Elko New Market earned a reprieve over the weekend, with a little help from Mrs. Claus.
With No Funds, Animal Shelter May Need To CloseWhen Toni Maat opened Windmill Pet and Feed store 20 years ago it was a natural fit.
Sick Cats Left Outside Brown Co. Humane SocietyA south-central Minnesota animal shelter is dealing with 20 sick cats that were abandoned outside its front door.
Animal Shelter Plans To Close, Building Conditions BlamedA Minnesota animal shelter -- currently the only animal shelter in Itasca County -- is making plans to close because its ventilation is making workers and pets sick.
Wis. Shelter Owner Convicted Of Animal CrueltyThe owner of a Richland County animal shelter faces sentencing after a jury found her guilty of six counts of animal cruelty.
Snow Collapses Animal Shelter RoofThe same snowstorm that collapsed the Metrodome roof in dramatic fashion had a similar damaging effect on a western Wisconsin animal shelter and kennel.

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