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Weather Blog: April Feel

It’s hard to remember that we warmed to 52 degrees the day after Christmas. Many forget that we also hit 52 degrees on Jan. 10 this year. And many will be glad to hear we take a run at 52 (or warmer) on Tuesday.


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April: 60s Today, Snow Tomorrow (Maybe)

Hope you enjoyed Monday’s weather, because Tuesday will be cold, windy and rainy. There is also a chance of snow.


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Officials: 10 Tornadoes Hit Wis. On Sunday

The National Weather Service reports that 10 tornadoes hit central and northern Wisconsin on Sunday, tying an April record for the state.


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Weather Blog: Out Like A Cranky Lamb

March won’t go out like a lion this year.


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Weather Blog: Countdown To April

We only have a few days left of March. It looks to be fairly quiet. The Canadian high pressure center will slowly drift off to the east over the next few days.


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Weather Blog: A Consistent Pattern

The strong Canadian high pressure system will remain parked over the region for the next several days. That makes for a fairly boring forecast.


The Minnesota Zoo reports that the 44-year-old dolphin named April died Tuesday after suffering physical ailments for the past few months. (credit: Minnesota Zoo)

Minnesota Zoo Dolphin Dies At Age 44

The Minnesota Zoo is mourning the loss of April, an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin.


A person digs out his driveway after a snow storm December 12, 2010 in Minneapolis. (credit: Tom Dahlin/Getty Images)

Minneapolis Considers Winter Parking Restrictions

In Minneapolis, all the snow could soon mean parking on just one side of the street all the way until April.