Twin Cities Catholics Mark The Start Of LentIt was packed inside St Olaf Church in downtown Minneapolis on Ash Wednesday during the noon mass -- with Catholics marking the beginning of Lent. Father Patrick Kennedy says the ashes given on this day represent the fragility of life. "The ashes are a symbol of actually dying," Kennedy said.
Good Question: Why Are Ashes Used On Ash Wednesday? In two days, millions of Christians around the world will observe Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent. It falls 46 days before Easter, including Sundays. Christians will observe Lent by fasting or abstaining from a type of food they like. It's a way of repenting their sins, and as a way to recognize how Jesus fasted in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights.
‘Eternal Ware’ An Alternative To Cremation UrnsWhen we lose a loved one, we often look for ways to honor their life. One Twin Cities couple has found a unique way to memorialize a family member after death. Ron and Carole Javner opened Eternal Ware in Newport, where they offer a unique pottery memorial to grieving families. For Ron, pottery has always been a passion. “It’s an interesting form of art," Ron said.
Wis. Grandson Angry Over Grandfather's Burial MistakeAn Eau Claire man who thought his grandfather's ashes had been buried next to his grandmother is upset to find out that his ashes had actually been in storage at a funeral home for decades.
Mother’s Ashes, Urn Stolen From Student’s CarA Winona college student said she wants her most prized procession back: her mother’s ashes.
Ashes Of Mother Stolen From Woman's VehicleAn urn of ashes has been stolen from a woman's vehicle in Winona. The ashes are the remains of the woman's mother.
Thief Stole Backpack Containing Dad's AshesA woman who lost her dad to cancer says she feels like she lost him again after a thief stole her backpack containing his ashes. Amy Ernsberger says the incident happened after she parked outside Sweeney's in St. Paul to meet her friend. Before she walked inside, she placed her backpack inside her trunk. She thinks someone was watching, because when she came out, the window was broken, the seat down and her backpack gone. "Before he had passed away, he had asked myself and my siblings to take him on adventures after he died," Ernsberger said. Her brothers have already taken him to South America and Africa. On Sunday, she was set to take him skydiving. Now, she is hoping the thief has a heart and returns the only piece of her father she has left. She says that the ashes are in a clear 6-inch cigar tube with a bumble bee on it. St. Paul Police are cautioning the public that burglaries do go up in the summer months and drivers should take their valuables with them.

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