Minnesota Fighting Through 'Election Fatigue'WCCO's Susie Jones reports on how some people are expressing their displeasure with both of the presidential candidates as she goes Behind the Ballot.
1 Year Later, MNsure Remains A Hot Topic For CandidatesWe're a year into MNsure. The largest and cheapest carrier is out, the rates are going up and critics continue to call it a failure. What could this mean for the midterm elections? No matter how you feel about MNSure, it has provided for a lot of back and forth between the candidates this election season.
Behind The Ballot: Should The Minneapolis Election Filing Fee Increase?We all watched as dozens of people signed up to become mayor of Minneapolis in 2013. Now, Minneapolis voters are faced with the question on Tuesday's ballot of whether the Minneapolis Charter Commission should increase its filing fee.
Behind The Ballot: Political Candidates Vying To Reach MillennialsIn this "Behind the Ballot" report, we take a look at how one group of voters is proving quite challenging for the candidates trying to reach them -- the Millennials.
Behind The Ballot: 70/30 Law Up To Mpls. VotersMinneapolis restaurant owners hope voters will get rid of a law they say is keeping them from moving forward. The 70/30 Law is affecting restaurant owners like Molly Broder. "I have Broders' Cucina Italiana, that's our deli, I have Broders' Pasta Bar and Terzo Vino Bar," Broder said.
Behind The Ballot: House ControlInside Jo Jo's in Burnsville, people visited with friends Monday over a cup of coffee, many of them aware that they're living in District 56 B, a race that's is expected to be very close. It could shift the power from Democrats to Republicans.
Behind The Ballot: Do Attack Ads Actually Work?Maybe we say this every election season, but the political ads seem to be more frequent, and a little more mean-spirited this time around. They've everywhere and they go after everything from a candidate's policy to even his hair. It sometimes seems the more ridiculous, the better.
Murrows Award Submission: Series - Behind The BallotMurrows Award Submission: Series - Behind The Ballot
NBNA Award Submission: Series - Behind The BallotNBNA Award Submission: Series - Behind The Ballot
NBNA Award Submission: Behind The Ballot Series (Clip)NBNA Award Submission: Behind The Ballot Series (Clip)
Behind The Ballot: Staying Friends During The Political SeasonStaying friends during the political season can be challenging, especially if you share different views as your friends. One popular place people are post their thoughts on topics or candidates is on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.
Behind the Ballot: College Student Runs For State OfficeAndrew Ojeda is a junior at Macalester College in St. Paul, and he's pulling all-nighters for a different reason this fall.

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