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Contraception Bill: Pros & Cons

This week, DFL legislators introduced a bill called the “Contraceptive Equity Act,” which would require Minnesota health plans to provide prescription drug coverage to cover contraception without charging a co-pay.


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Minn. Bill Aims To Reduce Deer Meat Regulations

Minnesota food shelves aren’t getting as much venison as they have in years past. Some lawmakers say that’s because tighter rules are making it too difficult for meat processors to donate. So, a new bill has been introduced to reduce those regulations.


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Voter ID In Minn. Seen Widely Elsewhere

A proposed constitutional amendment to require a photo ID for Minnesota voters is part of a surge of similar legislation nationwide.


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Deadly Force Bill Now On Fast Track To Gov. Dayton

A bill that would allow citizens more freedom to use deadly force is now on a fast track to Gov. Mark Dayton.


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Lawmakers Talk Bipartisan Benefit Corporation Bill

State lawmakers have announced a bipartisan bill that would create a new class of corporations in Minnesota.


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Minnesota House Passes Bill On Teacher Layoffs

The Minnesota Senate passed a bill Monday that would let schools lay off teachers based on their performance in the classroom rather than by seniority alone.


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Lawmaker’s Bill Would Require Photo ID On EBT Cards

Republicans are calling it one way to stop welfare fraud: It’s a bill requiring benefit cards for welfare recipients to include Photo ID.
The bill will also double the waiting period from 30 to 60 days before a new resident gets welfare.



Minn. House Passes Bill Requiring Teacher Test

The Minnesota House has unanimously passed a bill that would require teachers to pass a basic skills test before getting a teacher’s license.


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Deadly Force Gun Bill Passes Again To Full Senate

A bill expanding the situations where citizens can use deadly force in their home is headed for a vote by the full Minnesota Senate.


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Elementary School Students Push To Get Bear Bill Passed

Some Twin Cities elementary students are adding another subject to their list of lessons: politics.


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US Senate Passes St. Croix Bridge Bill

The U.S. Senate has unanimously approved a bill clearing the way for a new bridge over the St. Croix River near Stillwater.


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Dayton Announces Plan For New Businesses

For the second day in a row, Gov. Mark Dayton is talking about plans to grow jobs in Minnesota.


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Talking Points: Paulsen’s FSA Roll Over Bill

Millions of Americans have flexible spending accounts that allow them to use pre-tax dollars for out of pocket medical expenses.


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Wis. Bill Places New Requirements On Abortions

A Republican-backed bill would place new requirements on women seeking abortions in Wisconsin.



Minnesota’s Cold Weather Rule Starts Saturday

Minnesotans who have trouble paying their energy bills will be protected from the cold again soon.



End Of Minn. Shutdown Brings Relief, Frustration

Minnesota’s state government shutdown ended Wednesday after 20 days, millions in lost revenue and frustration on the part of residents and politicians.


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Minn. Legislature Passes Tax Bill, Holds Local Aid

The Minnesota Legislature has passed a package of changes to state tax law that maintains state aid to cities and counties at levels from last year.


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Stadium Plan Could Be Ready With Budget Deal Reached

Ramsey County Commissioner Tony Bennett said he’s confident a stadium deal could get done, now that the governor and GOP leaders came to an agreement on the state budget.


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Reality Check: The Budget Battle Ads

More budget meetings at the state capitol, but there was very little progress. So groups with an interest in the fight are turning to TV, in an attempt to win the battle of public opinion.


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Reality Check: Dayton And His Veto Spree

After vetoing the entire Republican agenda, Gov. Mark Dayton has distinguished himself as one of the most veto-happy governors Minnesota has ever had.


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No Child Left Behind Fix Lagging In Congress

The long-awaited overhaul of the 9-year-old No Child Left Behind law has begun in the House with the first in a series of targeted bills, but a bipartisan, comprehensive reform of the nation’s most important education law still appears far from the finish line.


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Minn. House OKs K-12 Bill Without Dayton Agreement

The Republican-controlled Legislature has proposed allowing students in low-performing big city schools to take state-funded vouchers to private schools in a sweeping education bill largely opposed by Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton and his education commissioner.


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Minn. Senate Passes Bill Cutting State Workforce

The Minnesota Senate has passed a funding bill for state agencies and programs that would freeze state employee pay and reduce the size of the state workforce.


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House Passes Bill To Expand Gun Laws

The Minnesota House has passed a bill that expands the rights of people to defend themselves if they feel they are in imminent danger.


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Bill Would Protect Children Trafficked For Sex

When she was 13, Amber Whitefeather met a smooth-talking man on the streets of Minneapolis who seemed to have it all: He wore a silk suit and snakeskin boots, drove a car with Jersey plates and, above all, seemed like he could be the protector she never had.