Bitter Cold Snap Tough On Cars, Good For MechanicsThe bitter blast is wreaking havoc on Minnesotans and their vehicles. Auto shops are busy with things from basic maintenance to frozen batteries. Mechanics at Bobby and Steve's in Minneapolis said the extreme cold has them working 10 hour shifts, and the wait time to get something as simple as an oil change is five hours.
1 Shot Outside Bobby & Steve's Gas Station One person was shot outside a Bobby and Steve's gas station overnight.
E85 Fuel Sales Rebounding, Despite Fading SubsidiesSince the alternative fuel was introduced in 1997, Minnesotan's appetite for E85 has grown steadily. In 2008 it hit a peak when more than 22.5 million gallons were pumped into cars and trucks.
Gas Climbs To $4, Bikes Become Economic OptionGas prices are once again on the move. Across the metro, gas is inching closer to that $4 mark.

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