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Breast Cancer

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Mother, Daughter Help Others Fight Breast Cancer

A Minnesota mother and daughter trying to raise money to help others fight breast cancer heard some very good news recently.


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After Chemo, Woman Finds Hope With Hair Extensions

For many cancer patients, one of the toughest parts of battling the disease is hair loss. It’s especially painful for young single women. Becky Gesswein knows exactly what that is like.


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Study: Red Wine May Prevent Breast Cancer Cell Growth

Many studies have found that alcohol can increase a woman’s risk for breast cancer, but new research shows red wine may prevent the growth of cancer cells.


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Women Warn Of Reconstructive Post-Breast Cancer Surgery

Breast cancer is a devastating diagnosis that comes with a long list of big decisions. Some women often opt for reconstruction surgery. But some blame one popular procedure for making matters even worse.


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MN Man Gets Breast Cancer, Learns Men Are Not Immune

One in every 100,000 breast cancer patients is a man. It’s very rare, but it’s something many men don’t talk about or even ask their doctors about.


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Survivor Fundraises To Get Mammogram Machine For Rural Area

In the calm countryside of southwest Minnesota, in a rustic home nestled in the hillside of Windom, Tammy Hall’s vivacious personality is a stark contrast from her serene surroundings.


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Northfield Soccer Players Lace Up For Breast Cancer Research

For the Northfield High School girls’ soccer team, pink is more than just a color. It’s helping a soccer player cope with the loss of her mother and, at the same time, is raising money for breast cancer research.


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Study: BRCA Gene Makes Breast Cancer Come Early

A new study of women who carry the BRCA gene shows that each generation of carriers seems to be getting breast cancer earlier than the last.


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Thousands Walk 3 Days For Breast Cancer

Thousands of men and women have committed to spend their entire weekend walking.


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Mayo Clinic Gets FDA Approval For Cancer Vaccine

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have developed a vaccine designed to prevent the recurrence of ovarian and breast cancer. The the FDA has given its approval.


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Mom Loses Custody Because Of Cancer

A sad story from North Carolina today. A woman battling stage 4 breast cancer has lost custody of her children because of her health. See the story here.


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1 Year In The Life Of A Breast Cancer Diagnosis

When it comes to cancer, WCCO has shared both survival stories and tragic stories with sad endings. But we’ve never told one like this. For an entire year, our cameras captured an intimate look at Mia Bakker’s battle with breast cancer.


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Daughter Fulfills Mother’s Dying Wish By Publishing Book

On Mother’s Day, most people are taking time to show their mothers how much they care. But it can be a difficult day for those who’ve lost their mother.


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55,000 Race For The Cure At Mall Of America

Thousands of runners, walkers and wheelchair participants will converge at the Mall of America for the Susan G. Komen Twin Cities Race for the Cure.


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Report Says Women Are Waiting To Get Mammograms

The debate on when women should start getting screened for breast cancer is heating up again.


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Minn. Radio Show Host Shares Experiences With Breast Cancer

A Twin Cities radio show host used to living life out loud is now sharing what’s often unspoken.


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Daughter, Mother Share Similar Cancer Experience

A young Minnesota mother battling breast cancer is sending a message: that you’re never too young to be checked for the disease.


Good Question: Why So Much Breast Cancer Attention?

Pink ribbons are everywhere in October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness month. And although other diseases have their own weeks or months, there’s little question that breast cancer gets the most publicity. So, why does breast cancer get so much attention?