Brian Melendez

(credit: CBS)

Good Question: What Does Dropping $40,000 On Political Fundraisers Get You?

On Friday, President Barack Obama will be in Minneapolis, visiting the Honeywell campus, but he’s also raising money. And tickets to his fundraiser can cost up to $40,000 a pop.


Leader Of Minn. Dems Won’t Try For New 2-Year Term

The Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party is looking for a new chairman now that the current leader says his current two-year term will be his last.


9/10/10 Esme Murphy with Brian Melendez and Michael Brodkorb

On Friday afternoon, Esme Murphy (in for Michele Tafoya) talked with DFL Chairman Brian Melendez and Associate Chair of the GOP Michael Brodkorb about the 2010 Minnesota Governor’s race…