Budget Cuts

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Lakeville School Board Approves Budget Plan

The Lakeville school board has voted unanimously to approve a budget plan that would eliminate a number of teachers’ positions and raise fees for after-school activities.


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Deal On Minn. Budget Cuts Lacks Dayton Blessing

A $900 million package of state budget cuts could be headed to Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton by week’s end.


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Rent Credit, College Grants On Budget Chopping Block

Three weeks after taking office, Minnesota Republicans passed a major budget cutting bill; a $1 billion measure touching almost every Minnesotan in some specific way.


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Minn. House Passes 1st Wave Of Budget Cuts

The Minnesota House ignored Gov. Mark Dayton’s objections and approved $1 billion in state budget cuts Thursday that would affect aid payments for local governments, colleges and community health programs.


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Minn. Bill Advances Without Cuts To Disaster Aid

Popular programs including college financial aid and flood and tornado relief wouldn’t be at risk of budget cuts before July under a Senate version of a $1 billion deficit-reduction bill that advanced Wednesday.


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Minn. Republicans To Target Specific Budget Cuts

House Republicans plan to start proposing budget cuts soon, before Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton unveils his budget proposal next month.


University Budget Cutting Not Popular

University of Minnesota Regents are considering several budget cuts.