Budget Deficit

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Minn. Lawmakers Face Self-Imposed Budget Deadline

Minnesota legislators are arriving at a self-imposed budget deadline.


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Is The GOP Moving Too Quickly To Cut Spending?

Minnesota lawmakers are moving quickly to cut the state’s record budget deficits. Too quickly, some say.


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Dayton Casts GOP Tax Cuts As Giveaway To Rich

A proposal from Minnesota Republicans for a series of income tax cuts drew a rebuke Monday from Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton, who cast it as a giveaway for those with the biggest salaries.


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Minn. Deficit Shrinks; Dayton Drops Income Surtax

Gov. Mark Dayton is withdrawing his call for a 3 percent surtax on top incomes and reducing proposed cuts to nursing homes in light of a smaller Minnesota deficit.


Gov. Mark Dayton (credit: Office of Gov. Mark Dayton)

A Fee Here, A Fee There In Dayton’s Budget

While Gov. Mark Dayton’s plan for giant income tax hike made the biggest budget splash, a closer examination of his proposal reveals a smattering of fee increases on consumers and industry professionals far more likely to be enacted.


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Reality Check: Gov. Dayton’s $4.1B In Tax Hikes

Gov. Mark Dayton appealed to Minnesota’s richest citizens Tuesday to spare the poor and bear the brunt of a $6.2 billion budget deficit.


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Gov. Dayton Wants To Tax Wealthy To Fix MN’s Deficit

About half of Gov. Mark Dayton’s plan to fix the state’s budget deficit comes from higher income taxes on the wealthy, a plan he described Tuesday as one that would “keep my promises I made to the people of Minnesota last fall.”


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AP Source: Dayton Budget Avoids Cutting Local Aid

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton will ask lawmakers to spare city and county governments from state payment cuts in hopes of avoiding property tax increases, a Capitol official familiar with the decision told The Associated Press on Monday.


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How Will Gov. Dayton Solve Minnesota’s $6.2B Deficit?

Gov. Mark Dayton will unveil his $6.2 billion budget solution Tuesday, and the DFL governor is already running into resistance from Republicans, who control Minnesota’s House and Senate.


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MN Collects 9% More Than Expected In January

State tax collectors did better than expected last month as individual taxpayers withheld and paid more income taxes.


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Dayton Vetoes $900M In Cuts From GOP Legislature

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton has swiftly vetoed a GOP-crafted budget bill cutting $900 million from the state’s budget deficit.


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Sen. Vote Set For $900M Package Of Budget Cuts

A $900 million package of budget cuts that passed the House is expected to get a vote in the Senate on Thursday.


Minnesota senate chambers. (credit: CBS)

Senate Takes $930M Whack At Minn. Budget Shortfall

Minnesota senators voted Thursday to slice $930 million from the state budget, a more modest cut than the House approved last week as the state tries to dig out from a massive deficit.


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Minn. House Passes 1st Wave Of Budget Cuts

The Minnesota House ignored Gov. Mark Dayton’s objections and approved $1 billion in state budget cuts Thursday that would affect aid payments for local governments, colleges and community health programs.


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Panel Hears Bill To Cut Minn. State Payroll

Legislation ordering a 15 percent cut in Minnesota government work force costs is getting an airing in a state House committee.





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