Budget Deficit

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MN Collects 9% More Than Expected In January

State tax collectors did better than expected last month as individual taxpayers withheld and paid more income taxes.


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Dayton Vetoes $900M In Cuts From GOP Legislature

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton has swiftly vetoed a GOP-crafted budget bill cutting $900 million from the state’s budget deficit.


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Sen. Vote Set For $900M Package Of Budget Cuts

A $900 million package of budget cuts that passed the House is expected to get a vote in the Senate on Thursday.


Minnesota senate chambers. (credit: CBS)

Senate Takes $930M Whack At Minn. Budget Shortfall

Minnesota senators voted Thursday to slice $930 million from the state budget, a more modest cut than the House approved last week as the state tries to dig out from a massive deficit.


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Minn. House Passes 1st Wave Of Budget Cuts

The Minnesota House ignored Gov. Mark Dayton’s objections and approved $1 billion in state budget cuts Thursday that would affect aid payments for local governments, colleges and community health programs.


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Panel Hears Bill To Cut Minn. State Payroll

Legislation ordering a 15 percent cut in Minnesota government work force costs is getting an airing in a state House committee.


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GOP Phase 1 Budget Fix Has Familiar Ring

Minnesota local governments, colleges and recipients of social service grants bear the brunt of the first installment of the Legislature’s state budget fix, which leaders of new Republican majorities outlined Tuesday.


Good Question: How Did Minn. Get A $6B Deficit?

With a new state legislature and new Governor in office, Minnesota politicians are looking at a real mess. A projected budget deficit of $6.2 billion isn’t a lot of fun. But how did we get here? What caused Minnesota to be so deep in the hole?


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Minn. Has Short-Term Surplus, Future $6.2B Deficit

Minnesota’s deficit for the upcoming budget cycle has grown to $6.2 billion, according to a person who was present for a briefing from state finance officials.