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Opposition To Anoka-Hennepin Controversial Topics Policy

The teachers union in Minnesota’s largest school district urged its school board Monday night to drop a proposed policy on handling controversial topics in the classroom, saying educators should be trusted to mediate student discussions about sexual orientation and other issues.


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Anoka-Hennepin Ponders New Neutrality Rules

The Anoka-Hennepin School Board is set to consider on Monday night a replacement for its policies on religion and sexual orientation in the district.


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Anoka-Hennepin Teachers Optimistic About Changes

Some teachers in the Anoka-Hennepin school district say new guidelines which encourage the discussion of controversial topics in the classroom could help improve the atmosphere for gay and lesbian students.


Justin Aaberg, a student at Anoka High School, came out as gay when he was 13. He killed himself during the summer of 2010. (credit: CBS)

Gov. Dayton Sets Up School Bullying Task Force

The push for tougher anti-bullying law in Minnesota has an important new supporter. On Tuesday, Gov. Mark Dayton announced he is creating a task force to come up with tough anti-bullying legislation.


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Dayton To Unveil Anti-Bullying Task Force

Gov. Mark Dayton is taking a stand against bullying by unveiling an plan aimed at stopping it in Minnesota.



AG Swanson Urges Tougher Anti-Bullying Law

Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson says the state needs to “create a strong tone and school culture” against bullying with more investigation, reporting and discipline around cases.


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Minneapolis FBI Awards Bullying Prevention Center

The FBI is recognizing a Bloomington organization that works to prevent bullying.


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More Schools Take Action To Stem Anti-Gay Bullying

A history teacher amends his lessons on the civil rights movement to include the push for gay equality. A high school removes Internet filters blocking gay advocacy websites. Six gay students sue their district, saying officials failed to protect them from bullies.


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Maplewood Middle School Begins ‘Bully Patrol’

A local school is using a unique approach to prevent and stop bullying. Maplewood Middle School is doing something different — they are asking 30 students to be on bully patrol.


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Local Schools Go Orange For National Unity Day

Wednesday is National Unity Day — a day when many people are wearing orange to show their solidarity against bullying.


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Hundreds Turn Out For Pacer Walk To Fight Bullying

Every day in schools across the country, more than 160,000 kids are bullied. Being picked on is nothing new, but in recent years there have been several stories of bully victims taking their own lives.


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Theater Company Tackles Bullying With New Play

Bullies are forcing more than 160,000 kids across the country to stay home from school every day.


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Teen Works To Stop Bullying After Sister Was Victim

Bullies are forcing more than 160,000 kids across the country to stay home from school every day. Fear of an attack or intimidation can have an impact that lasts a lifetime.


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Mother Disciplined After Confronting Son’s Bullies

A mother who confronted two boys who bullied her 10-year-old son has been banned from her son’s Minneapolis school and even her son’s bus stop for the rest of the year.


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Information On “The Bully Project.”

From Michele Tafoya’s interview at 3:35 Tuesday afternoon.


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Twin Cities Kids Learn Anti-Bullying Strategies

Some young people in the Twin Cities got some valuable training Saturday on how to deal with bullies.


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Suit: Anoka-Hennepin Allowed Hostile Environment

A lawsuit has been filed against the Anoka-Hennepin School District, alleging that the district has allowed an environment hostile toward students who are either gay or just perceived that way.


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Feds Investigate Bullying At Anoka-Hennepin

Federal investigators are looking into complaints of harassment and bullying in the Anoka-Hennepin School District.


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Reports Finds Minnesota Law Weak On Bullying

A six-month investigation of anti-bullying efforts in Minnesota schools has found a patchwork of local policies with virtually no tracking of bullying incidents and little state oversight, Minnesota Public Radio News reported Monday.


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Study: Half Of Minn. Students Bullied Or Bullies

More than half of students in Minnesota schools reported they had been bullied or had bullied someone else at least once in the past year, according to an analysis of 2010 survey data of the state’s students.


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Minn. Lawmakers Call For Stronger Anti-Bullying Laws — Again

Minnesota lawmakers called again for stronger anti-bullying laws Monday at the Capitol, even though the measure was rejected by the Senate last week.


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Duluth Schools Take On High-Tech Bullies

Today’s schools might have a tougher time than ever dealing with bullying.


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Whom Do You Think Should Be In Trouble Here?

Should the Bully be in trouble, or the kid who fought back? Discussion at 5:35 pm with Michele!



Report: No Link With Bullying And Anoka Suicides

Administrators of Minnesota’s largest school district say they’ve found no evidence that bullying caused six students to commit suicide in the past 15 months.


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Franken Seeks Legislation To End Anti-GLBT Bullying

Sen. Al Franken announced his intention to seek legislation that would curb anti-gay bullying in schools.