What Happens To Credit Accounts When Stores Like Herberger's Close?According to Matt Schultz of creditcards.com, there’s a good chance the credit card issuer will eventually close the card.
Why Do Americans Have $1 Trillion In Credit Card Debt?Credit card debt in America hasn't been this high since 2008. According to creditcard.com, the average American household is $9,600 in credit card debt.
Use A Credit Card At The Gas Pump? It Could Lead To TheftWarm weather means road trips for many of us. But what you may not know is that filling up can lead to credit card theft.
4 Things To Know For Dec. 25, 2015 Here's a look at the four things you need to know for Dec. 25, 2015.
Former Nordstrom Employee Accused Of Major Scam At Mall Of AmericaA former Nordstom employee is accused of racking up thousands of dollars of fraudulent charges.
4 Things To Know About Getting Out Of DebtWhen it comes to credit card debt there is some good news for consumers. Americans as a whole are slowly working their way to being better savers. A survey from Bankrate.com found nearly 40 percent of Americans are one bill away from disaster.
Police Seek 2 Suspects In Burnsville Credit Card FraudPolice have released pictures Monday of two men suspected of using fraudulent credit cards at a Walmart in Burnsville last week. On Thursday, Oct. 9, the men used at least one fraudulent credit card. Five other cards were used in the span of 20 minutes, but no other victims have come forward.
Supervalu: Hackers Stole Credit Card Data From Cub FoodsCard data of Supervalu and Albertsons shoppers may be at risk in another hack, the two supermarket companies said Monday.
Criminals Selling Stolen MN Credit, Debit Cards After Home Depot BreachWith the simple click of a mouse, a total stranger can buy your credit card. Mark Lanterman is chief technology officer for Computer Forensic Services. "You can filter the cards based on expiration date as well as the last four digits of the credit card," Lanterman said.
Credit Card Readers An Easy Target For Thieves Credit card readers are easy to use for businesses and customers, and now they've also become a target for thieves. Brooklyn Park Police say a ring of thieves is going around the Twin Cities stealing the machines off counters.
Talking Points: Klobuchar On Target Data BreachThe investigation into the Target data breach is focusing on a Pennsylvania refrigeration company that had a contract with Target and billed the retailer electronically.
Lawsuits Emerging From Data Breach At TargetThe first federal lawsuits are now being filed over the massive data breach at Target. Three Minnesotans are among those who say the Minneapolis-based company put them at risk. The company confirmed last week that someone had stolen credit and debit card information from as many as 40 million Target shoppers. The thefts went undetected for more than two weeks.

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