Defend Your Ride

“The car is spoiled. It has yet to spend time outside during the winter.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Susette At Stone Arch Bridge

“Where there are fun roads, this is the car we’ll take.” – Susette and her Acura


"And that it was an American-made car.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Michael At The Xcel Energy Center

“I’m probably in ‘My Machine’ 60 percent of the working day.” – Michael and his Ford Fusion



DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Remy Maxwell At His MaxiPadd Garage In Minneapolis

“We’re showcasing in the pics my 1992 Springer Softail” – Remy Maxwell


"I just like to go out, roll the windows down and see the scenery."


“My daughter added some artwork to our backseat with some color markers.” – Dave and his Subaru Outback


"I mostly listen to whatever video the kids are playing."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Corriann At The Hyland Ski Jump

“It fits the kids really well.” – Corriann and her Mazda 5


"It's loaded and pretty much has all the features."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Dennis At Target Field

“It looks kind of angry from the front.” – Dennis and his Dodge Ram


"Lola's just clean."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Mike At Lake Harriett

“We were drawn to the ‘different kind of a car’ message.” – Mike and his Saturn Ion


"This is my dream car! To me this is just heaven."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Suzanne At The Mall of America

“My car is like my freedom.” – Suzanne and her Toyota Solara Convertible


“There is nothing like driving a little too fast with the sunroof open.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Pat In Northeast Minneapolis

“It’s red. It’s fast. It was a mid-life crisis!” – Pat and his Audi A3


"I like Fords. You can just slap on new things."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Vincent At Wellstone Elementary

“We got a truck because I wanted to look like a man!” – Vincent and his Ford Ranger


"I like turning up the music and singing."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Marisa In Rice Park

“I call my car The Terminator because it’s a beast.” – Marisa and her Ford Fusion


“I like the great gas mileage and smooth ride.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Rena At The Selby-Snelling Intersection

“I have kids, but don’t like the stigma that comes with vans.” – Rena and her Mazda 3 Hatchback


“My favorite thing to do is sing real loud with the windows up.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Daria In Dinkytown

“I wanted a little car so I didn’t have to give people rides!” – Daria and her Chevy Cobalt


“No way I would have been able to fit all the baby stuff in my old car!”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Melissa In Blaine

“I was nervous about getting a larger SUV, but the Forester is really nice.” – Melissa and her Subaru Forester


"My car never gives you a chance to get complacent."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jerod In St. Louis Park

“I like to drive the back roads of the Upper Peninsula!” – Jerod and his Mini Cooper S


"My bike would have a fun-loving personality."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jeff Down By The Minnesota River

“This motorcycle, I have dreamed of for 10 years.” – Jeff and his Harley-Davidson Road Glide


"I listen to whatever my husband has uploaded into the car."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Cindy In Rosemount

“I can’t say no to my grandkids, but no hairy pets!” – Cindy and her Lexus 350 RX


"This is it. My dream car is my car."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Lorissa By The Mississippi River

“My car is super cool because it used to be a cop car.” – Lorissa and her Chevy Impala


"This is my dream car. Livin' the dream."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Shawn Off The Beaten Trail

“There is a thing about a Jeep that you don’t really understand until you have one.” – Shawn and his Jeep Wrangler Rubicon


"I just like to listen to music really loud when I drive."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Blake At The University Of Minnesota Boathouse

“I just loved it and I just wanted it.” – Blake and his Subaru WRX


"My car's personality? Determined. Ready to go anywhere!"

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Lisa On Mulberry Street

“My car is always up for the challenge saying, ‘Let’s roll!'” – Lisa and her Nissan Altima


"My car is sassy."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Lauren At The Minnesota Zoo

“I was so happy to get this big car. Now I’m definitely not scared of snow.” – Lauren and her Ford Escape


"I feel the pain whenever something happens to it."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Chris At The Minneapolis Lookout

“I bought it because my old car started on fire, so I thought I should get a new one.” – Chris and his Ford Focus


"We enjoy the scenery and the lay of the land."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Don And Shirley At Thomas Lake Native Prairie

“We enjoy the scenery and the lay of the land.” – Don, Shirley, and their BMW Series 3


"There were buffalo coming and going as far as you could see."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Rich And Karin At Swede Hollow Park

“We rode our motorcycle through a buffalo herd this year.” – Rich, Karin and their Damon Intruder Motorhome