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Washburn HS Principal Removed, Reassigned

Washburn High School’s principal of six years has been removed from her post and reassigned within the Minneapolis school district.


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St. Paul Offering Incentives For Kids Eating Fruits, Veggies

It can be hard to get kids to eat fruits and vegetables, but there are some new incentives on the menu at schools in St. Paul.


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St. Paul Schools Face Cuts If Levy Not Approved

St. Paul Public Schools are asking voters to approve an upcoming levy, or they may be facing some major cuts.


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Minn. Political Map Would Pair Bachmann, McCollum

A proposed remake of a Minnesota congressional district map would lump Democratic Rep. Betty McCollum into a district with Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann, the presidential hopeful who hasn’t ruled out another bid for Congress should her current campaign fail.


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Republican District Redraw Uproots And Upsets Democrats

Every 10 years Congressional districts get redrawn because of changing population figures. This year The Republicans, who control the legislature, get to redraw the boundaries and they are proposing some big changes to the lines currently in place .


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St. Paul District Saves School From Closing

Just as St. Paul Public Schools get ready to meet with upset parents about changes, the district has saved a school from closing.


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School Closings, Middle Schools Proposed In St. Paul

St. Paul Public Schools are planning some big changes including closings some schools, changing junior highs to middle schools and ending most citywide transportation in a money-saving plan released Tuesday.