Does It Really Work? Tasty Tortilla PanThis morning we're putting another popular "As Seen On TV" product to the test in our “Does It Really Work” series. It's called the "Tasty Tortilla Pan." This one makes taco and tortilla shells without frying.
Does It Really Work? Dual Draft StopperWe're testing out another popular "As Seen on TV" product on Tuesday in our “Does it Really Work” series on consumer products. The "Dual Draft Stopper" goes at the base of a door or window to keep the draft out.
Does It Really Work? Insta-Hang For WallsThis morning we're testing out a popular "As Seen on TV" product to see if it really works. This product claims to be a secure way to hang anything on your walls in seconds.
Does It Really Work? Green Frog Tape For PaintingAdding a fresh coat of paint can spruce up the inside of a home. For those who chose to make it a DIY project, there’s a newer brand of painters tape that promises to make it look like the paint job was done by the professionals.
Sodastream: Does It Really Work?Sales of Sodastream are surging as more and more families are making their own pop at home. The company reports it sold 2.7 million units in 2011, a 41-percent increase over the previous year.
Fast Brite For Headlights: Does It Really Work?Commercials for Fast Brite claim to restore the headlights on your vehicle to showroom bright in 30 seconds, but how well does the product really work?

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