Dog Parks

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Best Dog Runs In Minnesota

Sometimes dogs just want to run free! These dog run areas in the Twin Cities give dogs that freedom.


(credit: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Best Dog Parks In Minnesota

If you truly love your dog, provide a refreshing change with these new experiences. It’s time to break away from the same old walk down the street while restrained by a leash.


(credit: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Tips To Stay Safe During Dog Bite Prevention Week

We’ve finally hit that time of year when dogs and their owners can’t wait out of the house. But with more dogs out and about in the metro – the threat of being bitten is going up. According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 800,000 people require medical attention for dog bites each year in the U.S. Children are the most common victims.


Alimagnet Dog Park

Best Dog Parks In The Twin Cities

For dog owners who don’t have a huge backyard or access to walking trails, a dog park is a great option to exercise your four-legged friend. From long trails to open spaces to run, there are a number of off-leash areas scattered across the Twin Cities to make for some tired dogs and happy owners.

CBS Minnesota–11/06/2010