DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Chris At The Minneapolis Lookout"I bought it because my old car started on fire, so I thought I should get a new one." - Chris and his Ford Focus
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Don And Shirley At Thomas Lake Native Prairie"We enjoy the scenery and the lay of the land." - Don, Shirley, and their BMW Series 3
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Rich And Karin At Swede Hollow Park"We rode our motorcycle through a buffalo herd this year." - Rich, Karin and their Damon Intruder Motorhome
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: John At The Saint Croix River Valley"I just thought, what the heck? It's time to have something fun." - John and his Chevy Camaro
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Adrienne At The Elmer L. Anderson Library"On one of our trips, my daughter saw a snake under the car!" - Adrienne and her Toyota FJ Cruiser
DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Rita At The Richfield History Center“It’s the first car I ever bought on my own.” - Rita and her Honda CRV

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