Clinton's 'What Happened' Sells 300K In 1st WeekAlso, the Sept. 12 publication's hardcover sales of 168,000 was the highest opening for a nonfiction release in the past five years.
Reality Check: Voting Irregulaties In 2016Six weeks after the turbulent presidential election, top Minnesota officials say there's no evidence of illegal voting in the state, especially the kind President-elect Donald Trump predicted.
Can You Survive Politics Talk This Thanksgiving?Dreading that Thanksgiving family time because you fear a nasty conversation over the presidential election? You aren't alone.
Minneapolis High School Students Stage Walkout In Anti-Trump ProtestA group of about 250 students from South High School peacefully made their way from South High School to downtown Friday afternoon.
Trump Charges Pence To Lead Transition TeamVice President-elect Mike Pence will lead President-elect Donald Trump's transition team, replacing New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.
Clinton Supporters Pin Hopes On Appeal To Electoral CollegeThe foundation for the petition is the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, something that Trump himself has complained about in the past.
Franken On Trump: 'It's Going To Be A Challenging Time'As shockwaves of President-elect Donald Trump reverberate around the country, Sen. Al Franken says he is skeptical, but hopeful, for what's to come.
Republicans Capture Majorities In The State Capitol, House And SenateThe political earthquake that shook the country on Election Day hit the Minnesota Legislature in St. Paul, too, causing a major shift in power.
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Presidential Election: 4 Reasons The Pundits Were WrongA couple of weeks ago after the third presidential debate, Esme Murphy predicted on WCCO Mid-Morning that the election was over and Donald Trump lost the election. Now, she gives four reasons why she thinks herself and the other pundits were wrong about the 2016 Presidential Election.
Nolan Ready To Work With TrumpNolan says he's ready to work with GOP president-elect Donald Trump to create jobs for his northeastern Minnesota district and the rest of the country.
Dayton Preparing For GOP-Controlled MN LegislatureRepublicans expanded their majority in the state House. Dayton says "it certainly appears" that the GOP will control both chambers.

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