Good Question: How Important Are Expiration Dates?The ground beef says "use or freeze by," the cookies say "best by," and the cheese says "sell by." Expiration dates are on almost every product we buy at the grocery store.
Minnesota Man Sues Groupon Over Expiration DatesGroupon Inc., an online provider of daily e-mails offering deals on everything from restaurants to dance lessons, was sued Tuesday by a Minnesota man who alleges the expiration dates on the company's discounts are deceptive and illegal.
Good Question: Are Medication Expiration Dates Accurate?Whether it's the ibuprofen that expired last year or the aspirin that expired five years ago, almost all of us have some expired medications in our cabinet.
DeBlog: Do Medication Expiration Dates Mean Anything?Take a look in your medicine cabinet. What's the oldest thing in there? JP Nagan just threw out Aspirin from 2004. Shelli told me she had medication from 1995.

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