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Mini-Riot in Minneapolis

A man took this video as a group of teens broke out of a party and commensed to fight on Nicolett Mall. Click here to see video


Major Fights And Shootings At 49er’s Game

Major fights broke out along with two separate shootings at the 49-er’s Raiders Game Saturday night.


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10 Minneapolis Firefighters Fight For Their Jobs

Dressed in bright red T-shirts, standing at the steps of Minneapolis City Hall, came the 10 human faces of firefighter layoffs.


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Reporter Attacked

In Philadelphia one man is in trouble for hoarding animals, including and alligator. Local news guy was reporting on the story when a fight breaks out. Watch the story.


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Viral Video For July 26

Let’s hope these two never get married…


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Wis. Capitol Balloon Fight Leads To Bloodshed

Police are investigating an apparent fight over a balloon that left the state Capitol floor splattered with blood.


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Viral Video For July 13th

Two cute kids fighting like an old married couple. Good times.


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Charges: Dad Stabs Son After Fight

A 47-year-old man is charged with second-degree assault after allegedly stabbing his son with a knife, following an argument.


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Wis. Woman Splashed With Bleach In Dispute

Madison police say an argument over a washing machine at a Laundromat led to a man splashing bleach on a woman’s face.


Phillip James Turner (credit: CBS)

Stabbing As 2 Bachelor Parties Brawl

A 21-year-old man was arrested after two groups holding pre-wedding parties were involved in a bar fight early Sunday morning.


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2 Pistol-Whipped At Movie Theater

Police were called to the AMC movie theater at Rosedale Center after two people were pistol-whipped following a movie screening.


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Police Called To St. Paul Charter School For Fight

Police officers were called to a St. Paul school Thursday, after a 13-year-old boy was cut by another teen with a small pocketknife.



Dad Explains Why He Encouraged Son To Fight

A Florida man was arrested for child abuse after authorities claim it was his voice on a viral video encouraging his son to fight another teen. Now he’s explaining why he offered that encouragement. Take a look at the video.


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2 Stabbed In Apparent Gas Station Fight

Police are investigating a pair of overnight stabbings after an apparent fight at a Minneapolis gas station.


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Officer Punched While Trying To Break Up Fight

Police said an officer in St. Cloud was punched in the face while trying to break up a fight early Saturday morning outside of a Jimmy John’s restaurant.


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Minn. H.S. B-Ball Player Recovering After Being Punched

A Columbia Heights High School student and basketball player is recovering after another athlete punched him in the face.


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Minn. Man Arrested After Assault On Bus

A central Minnesota man is in jail after a fight broke out on a bus transporting people from a bar.


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Stabbing Overnight In Minneapolis Fight

A man was stabbed in the stomach amid a fight in south Minneapolis early Wednesday morning.


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Brother, Sister Charged After Fight With Cops

A brother and sister have been charged with fighting Apple Valley police officers, one of which sustained a mild concussion.


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Wis. Mom Accused Of Driving Teens To Fight Other Teens

Madison police arrested a 35-year-old woman over the weekend for allegedly driving a vanload of teens to a home to fight other teens.


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Schuette Plans To Continue Asian Carp Legal Fight

Michigan’s new attorney general says he will continue the legal fight to try and stop the Asian carp from entering the Great Lakes.


Maplewood Bowling Alley Stabbing

3 Stabbed Outside Maplewood Bowling Alley

A fight that broke out at a Maplewood Bowling Alley Friday night ended with three people getting stabbed outside.


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Former Gopher Wrestler Says He Wants To Fight Obama

A former Gopher wrestler is learning that you don’t even joke about wanting to harm the President after he got a visit from the Secret Service.


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Minnesota Judge Subdues Man Who Broke Into House

A Minnesota judge began the new year by arming himself with a pistol and confronting a man who had broken into his house.


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Wis. Fan Accused Of Assaulting 2 Gophers Fans

A University of Wisconsin fan faces charges for allegedly punching two Gophers fans in the face following this week’s basketball game between the two schools.