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Minn. Firefighter Accused In S.D. Of Sex Crime

A 42-year-old Minnesota firefighter is accused of using Facebook to proposition a 14-year-old South Dakota girl.


John Berken. (credit: CBS)

Forest Lake Firefighter Pleads Guilty To Starting Wildfire

A Forest Lake firefighter has pleaded guilty Tuesday to arson in the April 6, 2009 fire that burned more than 1,500 acres in and around the Carlos Avery Wildlife Refuge north of the Twin Cities.


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Hockey Referee’s Life Saved After Having Cardiac Arrest

Making saves are a key part of any hockey game, as goalies perform acrobatics to keep the opponent’s puck from entering the net. But the biggest save at a recent girl’s hockey tournament in Edina didn’t involve the puck at all, but rather, a referee.