Groundhog Day

Mayor Who Suffered Groundhog Bite Loses PrimaryIt's been a rough month for the mayor of Sun Prairie. A frisky groundhog bit the ear of Sun Prairie Mayor Jonathan Freund at a Groundhog Day ceremony earlier this month. Video of Jimmy the groundhog chomping on the mayor's ear got tens of thousands of clicks on You Tube.
'CCO Meteorologists Don't Dig Groundhog DayOn Monday, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, declaring six more weeks of winter. But the WCCO Weather Team forecasts milder conditions.
‘Nuisance’ Snow Jabs MinnesotansGroundhog Day was a few days ago. But like the Bill Murray movie, it feels like we are living the same day over and over again.
Matt Lauer Doesn't Buy Groundhog Day EitherA groundhog's shadow may be predictive for some, but we don't buy it... and neither does Matt Lauer. We've got a humorous video to prove it.
Movie Blog: 'Clockwork Orange' At Willow CreekA Clockwork Orange, which plays this weekend as part of Willow Creek's series of weekend midnight retros, stares you down right from its immortal opening shot.
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