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Minn. Farmers Wrap Up Harvest Ahead Of Average

Minnesota farmers are finishing the corn and sunflower harvests ahead of the five-year average.


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Minnesota Harvest Nearly Complete Despite Rain

Minnesota’s harvest is nearly complete despite rain that has cut into time available for fieldwork.


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Minnesota Projected To Harvest Record Corn Crop

Despite the drought that parched much of the rest of the country, 2012 is shaping up as a pleasant surprise for many Minnesota farmers who are expected to harvest record corn and sugarbeet crops.


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Minn. Farmers Make Quick Progress On Harvest

Minnesota farmers continue to make rapid progress on corn and soybean harvests, thanks to dry weather.


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Minn. Soybean Harvest Advances Rapidly

Minnesota farmers continue to make rapid progress on the state’s soybean harvest.


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Minnesota Farmers Make Harvest Progress

Minnesota farmers continue to make progress on the corn and soybean harvests.


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Does The World’s Vanilla Shortage Mean Pricier Ice Cream?

There is a vanilla shortage world-wide. Normally, you may not think much about that, but it could mean paying more for ice cream this summer.


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Harvest Down By 15,000 Deer In 2011 Season

Fewer deer were harvested in the 2011 hunting season.


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Minnesota Corn, Sunflower Harvests Nearly Complete

Minnesota farmers are nearly finished with the corn and sunflower harvests, thanks to continued dry weather.


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Minnesota Sugarbeet Harvest Nearly Complete

Minnesota farmers made significant harvest progress this past week thanks to continued warm, dry weather.


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Despite Rain Break, Minn. Rapid Harvest Continues

Minnesota farmers continue to make rapid progress on harvesting, despite a brief rainfall interruption.


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Target To Stock Only Sustainable Seafood By 2015

Target Corp. plans to sell only sustainable and traceable seafood in its stores by 2015.


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Minnesota Soybean Farmers Make Rapid Progress

Warm, dry weather has helped Minnesota farmers make rapid progress on the soybean harvest.


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MN Warns Against Sending Apples To Western States

Minnesota’s apple harvest is under way, but officials warn residents who want to send Minnesota Honeycrisps and SweeTangoes west of the Rockies that their shipments might not get there.


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Pick Of The Orchard: Apple Harvest Abundant This Fall

Minnesota Orchards are ripe for the picking — literally.





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