Heat Wave

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Severe Thunderstorms Precede Hot, Sticky Weather

Severe thunderstorms with heavy rain and frequent lightning caused delays for air travelers Friday in the Twin Cities.


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Heat Wave Is On The Way For The Weekend

You may not have known by the weather Thursday, but a heat wave is coming. Extreme heat is expected in Minnesota over the weekend and into next week.


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Tomorrow: Hot; Weekend: Hotter; Next Week: Hottest

Like the title of Stevie Wonder’s album said, “Hotter Than July.” Only in this case, July’s going to prove hot enough.


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Heat Causes Road Buckling In Twin Cities

A heat wave is causing road surfaces to buckle in the Twin Cities and leading to a slow rush-hour commute.


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Weather Blog: A February Heat Wave

The next two days will be well above average with highs of 47 and 49 degrees.




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