Good Question: How Is Consumer Confidence Measured?This week, new numbers will be released that measure how Americans feel about the economy. They'll also look at how we feel about our own financial situation.
Good Question: Why Can't We Legally Bet On Sports?Most of us know our NCAA office pools are illegal, even if the chances of getting busted are very low.
Good Question: What Are Those Extra Cellphone Charges?Ever read the fine print on your cell phone bill? WCCO viewer Jeff from Alexandria did and noticed an extra $6 a month in taxes, surcharges and fees.
Good Question: Why Do Kids Have So Much Energy?As Minnesota children come up on spring break, there will be lot of parents trying to figure out how to keep all their little Energizer bunnies busy.
Good Question: Why Is It Harder To Sleep When You're Older?Do you feel like you never really sleep soundly through the night? It turns out, you're not alone. As we get older, we're more likely to report waking up two, three, even four times a night.
Good Question: How Much Do NCAA Schools Get During March Madness?The NCAA tournament brings in more than $800 million through TV rights and ticket sales. It funds a majority of what the NCAA does.
Good Question: How Many People Work For The Federal Gov't?President Donald Trump has said the federal workforce is too big. He's expected to propose significant cuts to it in his 2018 budget on Thursday.
Good Question: Why Do We Wait For Laws To Go Into Effect?On Monday, the city of Minneapolis yanked Surdyk's liquor license for a month starting July 2, 2017. This came after the store opened on Sunday – four months before the new state law allowing Sunday liquor sales in Minnesota.
Good Question: How Long Do Bull Markets Last?Since March of 2009, the stock market has been on a roll. The S&P 500 is up about 250 percent. So, how long do bull markets last?
Good Question: How Does The 'X' Change Out Ice So Fast?"We will hopefully have two more logo changes," the ice operations manager said. "The Stanley Cup playoffs and the Stanley Cup championship."
Good Question: What's Different About REAL ID?Minnesotans will need a higher-security driver's license to board planes starting next year.
Good Question: What Do High Heels Do To Your Body?Lawmakers in the United Kingdom are taking up a debate on high heels. They want to make it illegal for employers to require women to wear them.

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