Horrible Bosses

(credit: New Line Productions, Inc.)

Movie Blog: Permanent Arrested Development

Pointing out the disparity between a finely crafted drama which excels in every conceivable level one could expect from great movies and two formulaic summertime cash-grabs bereft of originality, nuance and (more to the point) entertainment value is probably unfair. So be it.


Jennifer Aniston

Jen Aniston Was Once Large…

Doing what all attractive women do, Jen Aniston fishes for compliments by saying she used to be large. Sure thing Ms. Aniston.


Jennifer Aniston

The New Jennifer Aniston

The Rachel we all had a crush on during the “Friends” days is no more. In her latest movie, “Horrible Bosses”, Jennifer Aniston takes on a naughtier role. Check out the preview and the story.