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Minnesotans Baking In Wednesday’s Heat

Temperatures around the state are pushing the mid- to upper-90s with dew points expected to reach a downright tropical feel by Wednesday night. Whether you’re working in it, or simply outside enjoying summer, some common sense will keep you from trouble.


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A Hot Day For Twins Fans At Target Field

With temperatures in the 90’s many Twins fans took refuge, out of their seats, and found shade to watch the game at Target Field Sunday.


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In Heat Wave, Some States Wish For Some December

In the land of giant ice castles, where auto makers test their vehicles against extreme cold and people play hockey year-round, it’s not uncommon to hear some griping about the weather.


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Twins Fans Sweat Out Doubleheader

The Twins have dealt with rain and storms in their outdoor stadium, but never have they dealt with excessive heat and humidity rolled into one.


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Como Zoo’s Polar Bears Take The Heat In Stride

The polar bears at Como Zoo are feeling the heat, but don’t seem to mind.


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Temperatures Reach In 90s, Heat Warning In Effect

Another sticky, sweaty summer day was upon us but it could have been worse if it wasn’t for cloud cover.


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Hot Weather, Hot Business

For some in Minnesota, hot weather means hot business.


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What Type Of Weather Would You Rather Have Today?

Vote on Michele’s Quick Pulse Poll on Today’s Weather!


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Out Of The Freezer, Into The Frying Pan!

When they heard Monday’s weather report called for oppressive heat and humidity, runners Catherine Jacobs and Jill Boyfen got their workout in early.




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