Laughs In Minnesota Senate Race Not From FrankenSomeone has a sense of humor in Minnesota's U.S. Senate race, but it's not the former "Saturday Night Live" writer and comedian. As front-running Sen. Al Franken sticks with sober ads highlighting his work on issues including the mortgage crisis and mental health in schools, it's Republican challenger Mike McFadden who is bringing the funny.
The Humor Code’s Five Best Comedy Clubs In The USWhile traveling the world exploring the science of what makes things funny, we stumbled on an important question: What makes a good comedy club? According to many of the comics we interviewed, a “good room” is one that’s dimly lit, densely packed, with hard chairs, low ceilings, a red curtain, and nothing at all that’s blue.
Kerry Washington SNLKerry Washington hosted SNL and addressed a controversy with great humor. Watch the skit and spoof of, "What Does The Fox Say."
Beyond Bounds: Who Wins When St. Thomas' 2 Star WRs Go 1-On-1?The similarities between shifty St. Thomas wideouts – and close friends – senior Dan Noehring and junior Dan Ferrazzo are numerous. The Dan duo were both: -Captains of their high school football teams (Noehring hails from Lakeville South, and Ferrazzo's a Mahtomedi product).
John Williams Video Smack Down For 7-19!SMACK DOWN has a grandma who can play the drums....and she rocks it!
Klobuchar Barbs Obama At Gridiron DinnerAlways a target for humorous barbs, President Barack Obama is tossing out a few of his own during the annual Gridiron Club and Foundation dinner. The event features political leaders, journalists and media executives poking fun at each other.
Good Question: Do Voters Expect The President To Be Funny?We expect to see a sitting President do news conferences, and interviews with “60 Minutes,” but slow jamming the news on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon? That’s what President Barack Obama did the other night.
Hawaiian Summit Streaker Surprises Hilary ClintonA photo op in Hawaii for Secretary of State Hilary Clinton took a humorous turn yesterday
Girls....You Asked For It! The Perfect Boyfriend!Hilarious look at what the perfect boyfriend would be like! Is this what your looking for ladies?
Blind State Rep Uses Humor To Put Others At EaseMinnesota Rep. Torrey Westrom says he hopes his temporary role as House speaker will help motivate others who "have a challenge in their life."
Awkward Landing For First Shot At MastersProfessional golfer Aaron Baddeley teed off and landed badly at the start of his Masters first round.
100 Year Old Man Celebrates By SkydivingThere is a New Jersey man that is healthy enough to skydive on his 10oth birthday.

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