Ice Houses

Deadline Approaches For Ice Houses On Most Minnesota LakesThe Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says all ice houses must be off of lakes in the southern two thirds of the state by Monday night, despite the fact that the recent cold weather has left many still frozen into the lake.
DNR: Ice Fishers Need To Clean Up After Removing HousesThe Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is reminding ice anglers that they need to clean up the area around their ice house after they remove it from the lake.
How Long Will Minnesota Ice Be Safe To Walk On?It's been two weeks since ice houses cleared local lakes, but some are still ice fishing. So that got us wondering: With cold days like Sunday, is the ice still safe to walk on?
DNR: Deadline Approaching To Remove Your Ice HouseThe deadline for Minnesota's ice fishers to get their shacks off the state's lakes is approaching, though many are doing it earlier, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.
DNR Warns Anglers to Move Fish Houses Many anglers are getting a few final hours of fishing in before fish houses have to be off the ice. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says houses located south of the State must be off the ice by midnight Monday.
DNR Survey: Few Ice Houses In South-Central Minn.A survey by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources shows south-central Minnesota lakes are seeing the lowest number of fish houses in 35 years.
Warm Weather, Winds Sink Fish Houses In Grant CountyWarm weather and strong winds on Monday are to blame for several fish houses falling through the ice in Grant County.
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