Binge-Watching TV Shows Causes Poor Sleep Quality, Insomnia, Study FindsBinge-watching television shows can lead to unhealthy sleep habits in young adults, according to a new study.
Not Getting Enough Sleep? Find Out If It's A DisorderIf you've already had your coffee and you're still feeling tired, it may be a sign of a bigger health problem. Many times people aren't getting enough restful sleep they need because of conditions like apnea and insomnia.
Sleepless In The Summer? How To Catch Some ZZZsNow that it's summer and many of us are taking some vacation time, you'd think we'd be sleeping better. However, the summer months tend to make it even harder for us to get a good night's rest -- and it's because of what we tend to do in the evenings.
Insomnia To Costly Energy Bills: The Struggles Of Extreme HeatIt's the summer of the heat wave, and that means struggle for many.

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