James Norton

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Girl Scout Cookies Review

James Norton of The Heavy Table and SuperTaster review Girl Scout Cookies


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Pasta Sauce Throwdown

James Norton of Heavy Table and SuperTaster rates 5 popular pasta sauces.


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The Samuel Adams Milkshake

James Norton of the Heavy Table reviews the Samuel Adams Milkshake


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The Heavy Table With James Norton

James Norton takes a trip to Seattle and shows us the Seattle Dog.


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How To Choose A Dog For Your BBQ

James Norton of Heavy Table and Chow.com shows us how to make a great dog by choosing the best dog.


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James Norton of Heavy Table

James Norton has lots of great tips and ideas for food.  Here is his podcast on how to roast a marshmallow.  For other links:  Here’s Supertaster Daily and The Heavy Table


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Curiocity: Eating A Local Snack At North Coast Nosh

Food and poetry go hand in hand. I couldn’t help but think of the poetic writings of M.F.K. Fisher as I walked around the North Coast Nosh, put on by HeavyTable.com and the Peace Coffee Shop in the Longfellow neighborhood in Minneapolis.


Pete Loeffler of Harriet Brewing hands out a sample pour of beer at the first North Coast Nosh. (credit: Becca Dilley/Heavy Table)

Curiocity: Locavores Unite For North Coast Nosh

When it comes to local meats, cheeses, beer and more, let’s face it — we Minnesotans are pretty spoiled. Not only do we have some incredible vendors and highly talented artisans right in the heart of the Twin Cities, but thanks to various events, we have optimal times to experience them all at once.


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‘Feb Giving’ Warms Minnesotan’s Winter Blues

James Norton and Becca Dilley decided we all need more to look forward to this time of year.