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Minn. Gov. Dayton To Travel To Japan, South Korea

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton is planning to visit Japan in September, following in the flight path of his predecessors.


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Radioactive Material Detected In Minnesota Air

Trace amounts of radioactive material have been found in air samples in St. Paul and two other locations, likely from the damaged nuclear power plants in Japan.


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Peter Landers Of The Wall St Journal Reporting From Japan

Chad spoke with Wall Street Journal Peter Landers from Japan on the latest with their nuclear reactor crisis. We’ve got links to some of his stories.


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Increased Radioactivity Found In St. Paul Rain Sample

The impact of the badly damaged Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in Japan is being felt in the Twin Cities. A slight increase of radiation levels were found in a rainwater sample taken in St. Paul.


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Japan’s Hockey Peewees Play On Minnesota Ice

Three weeks after their world was so horribly shaken by a massive earthquake and then a devastating tsunami, 14 Japanese boys found their escape — on a sheet of Minnesota ice.


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Minnesota Monitors For Japanese Radiation

In the radiation testing laboratory at the Minnesota Department of Health, environmental chemists are keeping close watch for any suspicious radioactive spikes.


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Twins To Donate $25K To Japan Relief

The Minnesota Twins are donating $25,000 to relief efforts in Japan.


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Cargill Donating $250K To Second Harvest Japan

Cargill Inc. is donating $250,000 to Second Harvest Japan, a Tokyo-based food bank delivering food and supplies to survivors of the earthquake and tsunami in northern Japan.


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Minn. Musicians Plan Japan Relief Concerts

Twin Cities musicians of all styles are teaming up for two concerts next week to benefit Japan earthquake and tsunami relief efforts.


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Nancy Grace Argues With Meteorologist Over Radiation

Science?! What science? CNN’s Nancy Grace, argued with a meteorologist last night about the potential danger to Americans of the radiation from Japan’s failing nuclear plants. Take a look at the video.


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Rescue Dogs Serve Critical Need In Japan

Highly trained dogs are finding trapped survivors in Japan’s earthquake stricken towns.


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Minn. Pork Board Aiding Disaster Relief In Japan

The Minnesota Pork Board is helping with disaster relief efforts in Japan.


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Japan’s Troubles Concern Minnesota Businesses

Whether it’s the car you drive, the camera you hold or the plasma television you’ll watch, chances are pretty good many of that product’s electrical components were either made or assembled in Japan. For years, Japanese manufacturers have led the world in the production of microchips and consumer electronics.


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Japanese Students In MN Head Home To A Broken Country

A Twin Cities study abroad program just ended for some Japanese students. On Tuesday afternoon, they’ll head home to disaster.


An aerial view shows the quake-damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant in the Japanese town of Futaba, Fukushima prefecture on March 12, 2011. Japan scrambled to prevent nuclear accidents at two atomic plants where reactor cooling systems failed after a massive earthquake, as it evacuated tens of thousands of residents. Tokyo Electric Power, which runs the plants, said it had released some radioactive vapour into the atmosphere at one plant to relieve building reactor pressure, but said the move posed no health risks. (credit: STR/AFP/Getty Images)

Minn. Nuclear Power Bill Stalls After Japan Crisis

A move to repeal Minnesota’s ban on new nuclear power plants has stalled as a crisis unfolds at a nuclear facility in Japan.





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