Closing Night @ MSPIFF 2016: 'The Seventh Fire' ReviewedThe Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival ends with a documentary that should perhaps be required watching for any Minnesotan. Jack Pettibone Riccobono’s work, which is presented by "Tree of Life" visionary Terrence Malick and produced by actress Natalie Portman, fixes an unflinching lens onto the lives of two Ojibwe men on the Pine Point reservation in Becker County.
Day 16 @ MSPIFF 2016: 'The Ardennes' ReviewedA powerful feature debut from Belgian filmmaker Robin Pront, "The Ardennes" is a muddy, tense and stylish exploration into the relationship between two brothers living at the edge of society.
Day 14 @ MSPIFF 2016: '10 Billion -- What's On Your Plate?' ReviewedAt first, Valentin Thurn’s latest food-focused documentary looks to be a piece on the threat of genetically-modified food and the specter of big agri-business. But the German filmmaker and journalist goes deeper, much deeper -- traveling from Japan to Africa to Milwaukee, exploring new ideas and approaches to foodmaking, some of which are unforgettably cool.
Day 13 @ MSPIFF: 'A Decent Man' ReviewedWhile Lewinsky builds an engaging base around the seriousness of rape and the consequences of alleging it, what he makes his characters do – especially Thomas – just gets so nut that it’s difficult to watch with a straight face.
Day 6 @ MSPIFF: 'Francofonia' ReviewedRussian auteur Alexander Sokurov, the creator of the 2002 one-take behemoth Russian Ark, has now turned his restless attention to the Louvre. In this freewheeling poetic essay Francofonia, which has far more than one take, the filmmaker explores the relationship between great art and power, especially in the era of Nazi-occupied France.
'Everybody Wants Some!!' Stars Talk Baseball, Film & Working With LinklaterThe three actors were recently in town for an event at the Mall of America, and I had a chance to speak with them about the similarity between sports and acting, working with Linklater and the philosophical messages the filmmaker fits in amid the debauchery.
Day 3 @ MSPIFF 2016: 'The Idol' ReviewedUnlike Hany Abu-Assad’s last two intense, conflict-focused films -- "Omar" (2013) and "Paradise Now" (2005), both of which were nominated for a Best Foreign Language Oscar -- "The Idol" is a heartwarming, triumphant and often funny work on the life of the now famous Palestinian vocalist Mohammad Assaf.
'Everybody Wants Some!!' Not In The Same League As 'Dazed'The nostalgia is real in Richard Linklater’s "Everybody Wants Some!!," which is being dubbed the “spiritual sequel” to the director’s coming-of-age high school classic "Dazed and Confused."
Opening Night At MSPIFF 2016: 'A Man Called Ove'The 35th annual Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival launches in Minneapolis Thursday night with a screening of the heartwarming Swedish film A Man Called Ove.
Review: Prepare Your Eardrums For 'Marguerite'Played by the impeccable and cherub-faced Catherine Frot (who won the French equivalent of an Oscar for her performance), the titular character is narcissist so full of herself she’s almost adorable.
'Creative Control' Review"Creative Control," as a whole, doesn't quite congeal. The falling-in-love-with-an-augmented-reality-character plot, although it’s pushed along by the film’s humor and visual style, is too improbable to swallow outright. Moreover, the characters are so terrible to each other that it becomes difficult to care about them to the degree where the film’s themes would pack any emotional punch.
Lineup Revealed For MSPIFF 2016Rejoice, Minnesota cinephiles! This lineup for the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival is out.

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