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Vital Signs

Judge Dismisses Challenge To Abortion Funding

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit that claimed the state of Minnesota has been wrongfully charged for more than 37,000 abortions for indigent women.


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No Shutdown Relief For Minn. Liquor Sellers

The judge who oversees the Minnesota government shutdown is refusing to let the liquor keep flowing.


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Good Question: Why Are We Still Paying Taxes?

When you join a health club, and it shuts down, you don’t have to keep paying your monthly fee. But when the state of Minnesota shuts down, we keep paying our income and sales taxes. Why?


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Minn. Judge Denies Money For Disabled Job Program

A Minnesota judge has ruled that a program helping severely disabled people find jobs doesn’t qualify for funding during the state’s government shutdown.


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Judge In Minn. Shutdown Rules On Several Services

The Ramsey County judge overseeing state spending in the government shutdown has ordered continued funding for several Minnesota Historical Society operations and continued pension payments for former state executive officers but denied a request to fund insurance investigators at the Department of Commerce.


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Judge: MN Zoo To Remain Open During Shutdown

Minnesota Zoo officials say the zoo plans to reopen Sunday after a judge ruled Saturday in favor of the zoo’s petition to remain open during the government shutdown.