Low Income Families

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Advocates Aim To Bump Up Grant For Low-Income Families

Advocates say a grant for low-income Minnesota families should be raised for the first time in nearly three decades.


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‘College Possible’ Makes Prom A Possibility For 250 Teens

Prom is a tradition every high school student should have the opportunity to experience. An organization called College Possible made prom possible for hundreds of students in the metro Saturday. The non-profit organized a dress giveaway at its headquarters in St. Paul, where 250 young ladies signed up to pick out a dress, along with accessories and shoes.


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Comcast Offers Students Low-Cost Internet

As technology begins to take on a greater role in education, the St. Paul, Minn. school district is trying to make it accessible to all students with a new grant. Comcast announced Tuesday that it gave $50,000 to non-profit community organizations in St. Paul to create, “Internet Essential Learning Zones.”


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Mound Church Helps Low-Income Families Grow Food

A newspaper advertisment called Tami Clark Pehrson to Mound’s Bethel United Methodist church, but she unexpectedly found nourishment outside, among the rows of lettuce, onions and asparagus.


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Program Helps Low-Income Students Reach College

Like most high school seniors, Kyila Fears is eager to finish up and move on. In her family, college is not an option; it’s mandatory.