Jordana's Blog: Not Mafia, Just JewishI recently visited my family in New Jersey. N.J. will always feel like home to me and my family is great ... most of the time. This time I had an interesting conversation with my mother that still plays over in my head.
6 Plead Not Guilty In 'Native Mob' IndictmentSix individuals indicted for alleged connections with organized crime have pleaded not guilty to charges filed against them.
DOJ Indicts 24 Alleged Members Of 'Native Mob'An indictment was unsealed by the U.S. Department of Justice, alleging an extensive crime ring connected with a number of Minnesotans.
As Somali Gangs Evolve, So Does EnforcementThe girl was 12 when the gangsters told her the rule: They would sell her for sex to men outside the gang, but members of the Somali Outlaws or the Somali Mafia would use her for free.

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