Maple Syrup

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Harsh Winter Delaying The Start Of Maple Syrup Season

The official start to spring was last week. But the weather hasn’t felt at all spring-like. And those anticipating the sweet taste of spring will have to wait.


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Success Of Maple Syrup Season In Limbo

If you’re getting tired of waiting for spring, so are the people who tap maple syrup. The syrup season is getting a late start this year, by about a few weeks in some parts of Minnesota and western Wisconsin.


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It’s Maple Syrup Season: Recipes For Breakfast And Dinner

From a food perspective, these months mean the beginning of maple syrup season.


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Despite The Snow, The Sap Is Flowing

It’s starting to be warm enough to feel like spring will soon be here. And nature has its way of telling us a new season is about to begin too.


credit: Amy C. Rea

Wander Minnesota: Making Syrup While The Sun Shines

Canadians and Vermonters can brag all they want, but here in Minnesota, there are people making high-quality maple syrup, right from Minnesota trees.



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